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Road hockey tricks - Hockey equipment history.

Road Hockey Tricks

road hockey tricks

    road hockey
  • Street hockey (also known as road hockey, deck hockey, ground hockey, easy hockey, cosom hockey or ball hockey) is a type of hockey played on foot or with skates, usually on an outdoor surface (very often a street, parking lot, or other asphalt surface).

  • (trick) flim-flam: deceive somebody; "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week"

  • (trick) a cunning or deceitful action or device; "he played a trick on me"; "he pulled a fast one and got away with it"

  • (trick) a period of work or duty

  • Use deception to make someone do (something)

  • Deceive or outwit (someone) by being cunning or skillful

  • Use deception to deprive someone of (something)

Orange Makes us Happy (3/52)

Orange Makes us Happy (3/52)

I love the color orange. (ok, I like red too). These Canadian road hockey balls are wonderful. Not only are they gentle on Ouzo's teeth since they're smooth and do not pick up any debree like tennis balls do, but they're also visible in all weather, including snow. They do not bounce, but that's not the end of the world. They're also very resistant, though eventually Ouzo manages to apply enough pressure to crack them - you can see this one has started to give in already :).

Oh, and most importantly - they fit perfectly in a Chuckit!!! :)

Too bad I haven't found any place in Denver that sells them. These were shipped to us by my SIL from Canada a few months ago.

Playing with the manual Helios 44-2 lens and a very moving subject - he was running towards me here.



It's not a magic trick--the ball just got caught in the snow on top of the boards.

road hockey tricks

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