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World junior hockey gold medals. Gifts for hockey coach.

World Junior Hockey Gold Medals

world junior hockey gold medals

    junior hockey
  • Junior hockey is a catch-all term used to describe various levels of ice hockey competition for players generally between 16 and 20 years of age.

    gold medals
  • A medal made of or colored gold, customarily awarded for first place in a race or competition

  • (gold medal) a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition

  • (Gold Medal (album)) Gold Medal is the sixth studio album by the American hard rock band The Donnas, released in 2004 (see 2004 in music) on Atlantic Records.

  • A gold medal is typically the medal awarded for highest achievement in a non-military field. Its name derives from the use of at least a fraction of gold in form of plating or alloying in its manufacture.

  • Denoting one of the most important or influential people or things of its class

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"Team USA takes gold with 5-0 shutout of Russia"

Caption: April 19, 2009 - Fargo, North Dakota, USA - Team USA players celebrate their 5-0 gold medal shutout of Russia in the 2009 IIHF World U18 Hockey Championship Sunday at the Urban Plains Center in Fargo. (Credit Image: © Bruce Crummy/ZUMA Press).

iENA Gold Medal

iENA Gold Medal

Gold Medal awarded at the International Trade Fair of Ideas, Inventions and New Products (iENA) in Nuremburg, Germany.
November 2009.

world junior hockey gold medals

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