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Cheap girl toys. Madagascar mcdonalds toys.

Cheap Girl Toys

cheap girl toys

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Cheap, cheap, cheap

Cheap, cheap, cheap

I was walking through our local toy store and holding another Neo-Viper wich I wanted to buy to armybuild a few off these guys. The shop manager walked up to me and said: 'You're the guy who's buying up all these things aren't you? Tell you what, you can have everything for 8 euro's, so I'll be rid off the stuff. At first I said; 'well I'd be stuck with a lot off doubles, so thanks for the offer but no thanks'. But then I thought maybe some off you guys may like some off these, or maybe I can use them for customs. So I bought them, and I got the wristband thingie as a bonus :P



There is the MMS Type Santa Claus figure from the Busou Shinki series. As this figure does not include the MMS body, I used one mms body from the Sky Girl series. The Sky Girl body (although it is a mms body) it is not 100% compatible with the Busou series, I have to do some modifications; removing the chest and back pack (they are glue in the figure) and cutting a border in the back (where the sky girl's tail is attached). In the end is more cheaper to buy a sky girl figure that a nake MMS body or another full figure ;-)

cheap girl toys

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