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Popular Toys 2000

popular toys 2000

  • (of cultural activities or products) Intended for or suited to the taste, understanding, or means of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals

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  • 2000 (MM) was a leap year that started on a Saturday, in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar. It was the 2000th year of the Common Era or the Anno Domini designation, and the last year of the 20th century and of the 2nd millennium.

  • 2000 is the second album by hip hop artist Grand Puba of the group Brand Nubian, released in mid-1995 through Elektra Records.

  • The 2000 is a breakdance move which resembles a rapidly-spinning handstand. It is a type of spin in practice, but many consider it a power move because it is so flashy and is often begun with significant momentum like other power moves.

Pop 2000 / 50 Jahre Popmusik und Jugendkultur in Deutschland

Pop 2000 / 50 Jahre Popmusik und Jugendkultur in Deutschland

Box with 8 CDs, more than 10 hours playing time, covering 5 decades of popular music in Germany (1950 to 2000). The LP-sized box includes an illustrated and well-designed booklet with about 50 pages. If that is not enough, there was also a book and a TV series but I haven't seen either.

The music has been compiled by the famous German singer Herbert Gronemeyer and some of his friends. Of course it's always easy to criticise compilations like this and, to be sure, it has been done. I agree: Some important songs are missing and some genres are over-represented. Kraftwerk is not included, as always: It seems robots hate to be on compilations. But anyway, it's a colourful kaleidoscope with many great songs, some of them well known hits but also some interesting discoveries, at least for me.


Air Liquide: Homicidal Diary - 4:46
Amon Duul II: Wie der Wind am Ende ... - 5:41
Kreidler: Reflections - 3:30
to rococo rot: Prado - 4:08
Can: Spoon - 3:03
Pole: Weit - 5:46
Neu!: Hallogallo - 9:47
Klaus Schulze: Les Jockeys Camoufles - 8:00
Mouse on Mars: Kanu - 5:58
Roedelius (Cluster): Heisse Lippen - 2:21
La Dusseldorf: Cha Cha 2000 - 4:00
Tangerine Dream: Phaedra - 16:39


Lyrical Poetry: Vom Teufel besessen - 5:17
Mo' Horizons: Yes Baby Yes - 3:32
Liaisons Dangereuses: Los ninos del parque - 5:04
Rodelheim Hartreim Projekt: Keine ist - 4:03
Supermax: Love Machine Part 1 - 4:32
Headcrash feat. Blumchen: Kleiner Satellit (Crash down Mix) - 4:18
Elektrotwist: Zero-Trick - 4:22
Caterina und Silvio: The Peppermint Twist - 2:13
Kinderzimmer Productions: I Got the Right to Sing the Blues - 3:06
Whirlpool Productions: From Disco to Disco - 5:56
Sabrina Setlur: Nur mir - 4:02
DAF: Der Mussolini - 3:52
Ian Pooley: What's Your Number - 7:21
Absolute Beginner: Liebes Lied - 4:14
Panacea: Unglory - 6:10
Penny McLean: Lady Bump - 3:43
The Les Humphries Singers: Mama Loo - 3:45

Snap!: The Power - 5:42
Boney M.: Ma Baker - 4:35
Stieber Twins feat. Cora E.: Einmal Marco, zweimal Stieber - 3:40
Propaganda: Dr. Mabuse - 5:02
U96: Das Boot - 5:13
Karakan (Cartel): Evdeki ses - 2:48
B.Side the Norm: Hip Hop in der DDR - 6:44
Makai: Beneath the Mask - 9:26
Unknown Cases: Masimba Bele - 5:51
Electric B.: Electric B. - 6:31
Isolee: Beau mot plage - 4:38
Westbam: Born to Bang - 3:48
Fischmob Allstars: Susanne zur Freiheit - 4:12
Karma: Highpriestess - 9:39


Munchener Freiheit: So lang' man Traume noch leben kann - 4:00
Xavier Naidoo: Nicht von dieser Welt - 4:20
Palais Schaumburg: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt - 4:02
Marusha: Somewhere over the Rainbow - 5:32
Mousse T. vs. Hot 'n' Juicy: Horny '98 - 3:41
The Boots: Searching Days - 2:28
Foyer des Arts: Schimmliges Brot - 2:55
Bernd Begemann: Hitler - menschlich gesehen - 2:24
Lift: Meine Schulden - 2:00
Holger Biege: Sagte mal ein Dichter - 3:17
Nena: Nur getraumt - 3:41
Ideal: Berlin - 3:09
Enigma: Sadness - Part 1 - 4:08
The Rattles: The Witch - 2:30
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle: I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch - 4:23
Hubert Kah: Sternenhimmel - 3:06
Die Prinzen: (Du mu?t ein) Schwein sein - 3:19
Gautsch: Ravemadchen - 2:17
Freundeskreis: A-N-N-A - 6:07
Gerhard Gundermann: Schei?spiel - 2:17
Die Erde: Leben den Lebenden - 4:54

Element of Crime: Mehr als sie eraubt - 3:13
Der Plan: Gummitwist - 4:35
Alphaville: Forever Young - 3:47
Dorau: Fred vom Jupiter - 2:39
Rio Reiser: Alle Luge - 4:12
Fettes Brot: Jein - 5:55
Die Sterne: Universal Tellerwascher - 4:05
Panta Rhei: Uber mich - 4:17
The Lords: Poor Boy - 2:44
Tic Tac Toe: Ich find' dich Schei?e - 3:35
Die Fantastischen Vier: Tag am Meer - 4:21
Jeremy Days: Brand New Toy - 4:00
AG Geige: Gluckliche Reise - 4:36
Trio: Da Da Da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht - 3:24
Silly: Verlorene Kinder - 4:18
Falco: Rock Me Amadeus - 3:22
Malaria!: Kaltes klares Wasser - 3:50
Die Arzte: Punk ist ... (Gotz Alsmann Version) - 3:23
The Notwist: Your Signs - 6:46


Neu!: Hero - 6:21
Einsturzende Neubauten: Kalte Sterne - 4:12
Atari Teenage Riot: Revolution Action - 3:44
Fehlfarben: Ein Jahr (es geht voran) - 2:51
S.Y.P.H.: Zuruck zum Beton - 1:57
Frumpy: Life without Pain - 3:48
Herbert Gronemeyer: Bleibt alles anders - 4:42
Anger 77: Jugendbewegung - 2:45
Pankow: Langeweile - 4:16
Sodom: Ausgebombt - 3:04
Nina Hagen: Rangehn - 3:26
Ton Steine Scherben: Komm schlaf bei mir - 4:02
Die Goldenen Zitronen: Das bi?chen Totschlag - 3:59
Faust: So Far - 6:14
Selig: Ist es wichtig? - 3:49
Spliff: Deja vu - 4:06
Klaus-Renft-Combo: Ganselieschen - 4:00
Stoppok: Wie tief kann man sehn - 4:51
Das Auge Gottes: Du hast Jesus Christus an das Kreuz genagelt - 4:24

Die Skeptiker: Deutschland halt's Maul - 2:52
Guanno Apes: Open Your Eyes - 3:07
Abwarts: Alkohol - 5:17
Jane: Out in the Rain - 5:36
Hannes Wader: Heute hier morgen dort - 2:58
Rammstein: Du hast - 3:54
Doro Pesch: Do You Like It - 3:05
Tocotronic: Die Welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen - 1:36
Birthcontrol: Gamma Ray - 9:44
Phillip Boa & the

Wurlitzer 2000-1

Wurlitzer 2000-1

Modell: Wurlitzer 2000
Produksjonsar: 1956
Eier: Arne Asphjell

Foto/Photo: Tore Stronstad/Rockheim

Wurlitzer 2000 tilhorer den internasjonale jukebokshistoriens Silver Age (1949-62). Med utstrakt bruk av krom og buet glass hadde disse jukeboksene flere likhetstrekk med samtidens biler.

De store vindusflatene gjorde dessuten at man kunne se mekanismen inne i boksen.

Wurlitzer 2000 ble lansert i forbindelse med instrument- og jukeboksfabrikken Wurlitzers 100 ars jubileum. Modellen var den forste jukeboksen fra Wurlitzer med 200 melodivalg.

En ny mekanisme gjorde at man kunne bla seg gjennom den lange listen av later.

popular toys 2000

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