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Car Tyres Hull

car tyres hull

Yatchs - Port Forum - Barcelona - Spain

Yatchs - Port Forum - Barcelona - Spain

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Yatchs - Port Forum - Barcelona - Spain / Yates

Un Yate (del holandes Jacht) es una embarcacion de recreo, es decir, para el uso y disfrute unicamente ludico, construida respetando el principio de Arquimedes para mantenerse en la superficie del agua. Su propulsion puede ser:

A motor, con uno o varios motores que pueden ser fueraborda o integrados en el casco de la nave.
A vela.
Realmente, el termino Yate se puede aplicar a cualquier embarcacion de recreo, pero se utiliza especificamente para referirse a las embarcaciones de recreo de mas categoria. Es decir, aquellas de mayor eslora, mayor potencial deportivo (cruceros de regata), o mayores prestaciones en cuanto a cabinas, cubiertas, y elementos accesorios.
La eslora es la dimension de un navio tomada a su largo, desde la proa hasta la popa...

Esta distancia se mide paralelamente a la linea de agua de diseno, entre dos planos perpendiculares a linea de crujia; un plano pasa por la parte mas saliente a popa de la embarcacion y el otro por la parte mas saliente a proa de la embarcacion.

Se incluyen todas las partes estructurales o integrales como son proas o popas, amuradas y uniones de casco con cubierta. Se excluye el pulpito de proa, en cuyo caso, el plano de referencia pasa por el punto de interseccion de la cubierta con la roda. Asimismo, se excluyen todas las partes desmontables que puedan serlo de forma no destructiva y sin afectar a la integridad estructural de la embarcacion.

La teoria del buque distingue entre:

Eslora de flotacion, es la longitud del eje longitudinal del plano de flotacion considerado. LWL Length Water Line.
Eslora entre perpendiculares, es la distancia entre la perpendicular de proa (Ppr) y la perpendicular de popa (Ppp). LBP Length Between Perpendiculars.
Eslora maxima, es la distancia entre las perpendiculares a la flotacion maxima, trazadas por los puntos mas salientes en la proa y en la popa,
Eslora total, es la tomada entre los dos puntos mas extremos del navio. LOA Length Over All.

A yacht (Dutch Jacht) is a recreational craft, ie, for recreational use and enjoyment only, built with the principle of Archimedes to remain at the water's surface. Its propulsion can be:

A motor with one or more outboard engines or can be integrated into the hull of the ship.
A candle.
Actually, the term yacht applies to any recreational craft, but is used specifically to refer to recreational craft in most categories. Ie those of greater length, greater potential sports (sailing cruises), or greater benefits in terms of cars, tires, and accessories.
The length is the size of a ship taken over her from bow to stern ...

This distance is measured parallel to the water line design, between two planes perpendicular to line corridor, a plane passing through the most outgoing astern of the vessel and the other by the most outbound bow of the boat.

It includes all the structural parts or integrated as PROAS or popas, bulwarks and hull to deck joints. Excluding the bow pulpit, in which case the reference plane passing through the intersection point of the cover with the stem. It also excludes all removable parts that can not be so destructive and without affecting the structural integrity of the vessel.

The theory distinguishes between the ship:

Waterline length is the length of the longitudinal axis of the float plane considered. LWL Length Water Line.
Length between perpendiculars is the distance between the perpendicular (PRP) and the aft perpendicular (PPP). Length Between Perpendiculars LBP.
Maximum length is the distance between the perpendicular to the waterline maximum set by the most salient points in the bow and stern,
Overall length is made between the two most extreme points of the ship. LOA Length Over All.

Ferret Mk5 and a Saladin Armoured Car

Ferret Mk5 and a Saladin Armoured Car

Ferret Mk5

The Ferret armoured car, also commonly called the Ferret Scout car, is a British armoured fighting vehicle designed and built for reconnaissance purposes. The Ferret was produced between 1952 and 1971 by the UK company, Daimler. It was widely adopted by regiments in the British Army as well as Commonwealth countries throughout the period.

The Ferret was developed in 1949 as a result of the British Army's need to obtain a replacement model for its Second World War light armoured vehicles. Due to the success of their Reconnaissance Scout Car, the "Dingo", Daimler was employed to design and manufacture the Ferret.

The Ferret shared many similar design features with the Dingo, but featured a larger fighting compartment and an optional small machine gun turret. It was built from an all-welded monocoque steel body, making the drive extremely noisy as all the running gear was within the enclosed body with the crew. Four wheel drive was incorporated together with "Run Flat" tyres. The turret, though not fitted to all models, carried a single machine gun. Six grenade launchers fitted to the hull (three on each side) could carry smoke grenades in British service.

It is fast and small enough to be used in an urban environment but strong enough to negotiate red terrain off road. The Ferret is no longer in service in the British Army, although several Commonwealth countries still operate them to this day. They have been popular with private collectors due to the compact size and affordable price e.g. around $10,000 in the USA.

Salidin Armoured Car

The Saladin (FV601) was a six-wheeled armoured car built by Alvis and used by the British Army. It replaced the AEC Armoured Car that had been in use during World War II.

The Saladin was the armoured car of Alvis' FV600 series, using similar suspension and drivetrain components to the Saracen armoured personnel carrier, Stalwart High Mobility Load Carrier and Salamander fire tender. It is named after the warrior Saladin, Alvis using names beginning with an "S" for the whole range of FV600 vehicles.

car tyres hull

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