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Cheap Fitted Tyres

cheap fitted tyres

I know it looks corny but I have decided to wear shorts ..

I know it looks corny but I have decided to wear shorts ..

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I wear loose trousers or Afgani salwars I hate tight clothes , and if I was a Naga Sadhu I would go nude but I am not.. so I adhere to my dress code of my comfort and choice , I dont wear shirts , I wear cheap cotton body fits , I mostly wear black..

It is raining heavily my salwars get choked in rains and heavy with water so I had a pair of long shorts I wore last evening, I feel discomforted but I decided it is fine walking through mush and drain holes potholes and the over flooded paths in the slums..

I used to wear long djellabas I gave it up because of my baby bump, and baby bumps is the new fashion statement in Bollywood to which my filmy soul is connected..

I have toned down my sartorial pulsations , I got rid of my silver kadas , I wear less jewellery and try too look as normal as the guy next door..

Maybe this sudden change has come after my initiation into the fold of Dam Madar Malangs..Dam Madar Beda Par..

I was a Malang much before I officially became a Malang..earlier I prayed for myself my family now I pray for all my friends , and I ask for Death , as I am sick and tired of the duplicity in this world I am finding it difficult to come to terms with the world around me..

And the only friend I have as soul brother is Dr Glenn Losack like me tired of this world too and a new friend from Dubai Zain Hussain..Zain has been a positive influence to this barefeet beggar poets life..

MPA- Longfin

MPA- Longfin

Move along, nothin' to see here.
Just a quick crappy throw together born out of wanting to make a larger version of the shortfin, and as a test to see how well the Jormund's general layout could be applied to other things.
I think it looks good, but I feel kinda cheap since it was basically just a smash together of two of my other creations.
That being said the whole lower receiver area just didn't want to work out right, so I just settled for what looked the best out of my tries.
So yeah... not really feeling like I did my best with this one, but I still like it for some reason.
Anyways, hopefully more inspired builds to be coming soon.

cheap fitted tyres

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