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How To Clean Dirty Nails - Environmental Cleaning Product

How To Clean Dirty Nails

how to clean dirty nails

    how to
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how to clean dirty nails - MASH Professional

MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set

MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set

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78% (19)'s her essence's her essence

This picture is when the grandma's went to D.C. I had the pleausre of sharing a room with these two wonderful ladies. The one to the left is Ian's grandma Carmel and the right is my mom Linda. I had such fun with these two!

How did Mom do it?

I'm not quite sure where mom got her tremendous energy? I have a really tough act to follow because not only was she an amazing mother, perfect housekeeper but she was and still is a really beautiful woman, she always smells good, her clothes are pressed and matching, her make up is just how they wear it in the magazines and her hair is pretty, silky and blond. When I was growing up I could open the hall cupboard and find our bath towels neatly folded and color coded too, they always smelled fresh and felt soft. My clothes were always washed and rarely did there even seem enough clothes to fill a laundry basket because Mom did laundry I think non stop. Mom didn't just iron our clothes, she ironed the pillow cases and fabric napkins. Oh and how can I forget when I was younger she made all my dresses by hand. I remember eating dinner with our family nearly every night and it was complete with some sort of meat, veggie, salad and milk to drink. She even would make individual desserts. The kitchen was never left cluttered or dirty. The floors were always clean, I don't remember ever seeing crumbs on the kitchen floor (like mine), the carpet floors perfectly vacuumed in a geometric pattern. The beds always made, the bathrooms sparkling! Mom took us to school each day, took me to extra activities outside of school like ballet, bluebirds, pioneer girls and Sunday's we always went to church with her. Mom was my room mom more times than I can really remember. She was and still is the rock of our family, always there always dependable. I was proud of my mom because she never got fat, she looked like a model and everybody thought she was so pretty and perfect. She smiled a lot and laughed even more....she still does by the way. Mom was and is always interested in whatever is going on in my life, even if its a book I'm reading she sits and listens to me ramble. How is it that I watched this amazing woman my entire life and I'm so far from her in my housework ability or even my appearance? My sister has it nailed...she has many of mom's qualities. I'm not saying I'm unhappy with my abilities, I have other talents and my own unique style but Mom and sister amaze me very much. I want them both to know I think they are amazing, beautiful women. I'm related to two awesome ladies! It goes deeper than just mom and sister, we had this other example of greatness, my great grandmother she always told me there is nothing like clean sheets, I never quite got it as a kid but I get it now. So whenever I wash my sheets and get into them the very first night, I always think of great grandma, tick tick sprinklers and train horns take me back to my childhood and that always includes great grandma. I'm lucky God gave me these ladies to aspire a BIG THANKS ...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

My Way

My Way

22 random things about me:

1. Why 22? Because I'm 22 y-o.

2. I just came out to my parents and friends one month ago. Yes, I'm a gay guy who live in Beijing right now.

3. I'm not the typical homosexual, partying all night, drinking, drugs and one night stands just aren't my thing.

4. When it comes to meeting or talking to new people, I'm really shy.

5. I dislike hanging out in the city center.

6. Recently I cut my long hair.

7. I want to one day have enough money to travel the world. Being a traveller definitely is my dream by any means.

8. I constantly clean under my nails, but they are always dirty, I don't know why.

9. I don't have any brothers or sisters, makes me feel lonely always.....

10. Piercing seem interesting, I'd like to try it one day.

11. I pray for peace on earth.

12. I stutter a little, but sometimes a lot, depends on how excited(or stupid) I am.

13. I like to express myself through singing and photography. I think I can sing.

14. The lake house is my favorite movie.

15. I hate my major(physics), I wanna study to be a marine biologist.

16. I love the smell of the air after it rains.

17. Hope I can get my first formal job this year.

18. Friends and family are the most important thing to me.

19. I believe in miracles.

20. I know our lives can't be run by dreams we have when we sleep, but sometimes, they are the only things that seem real.

21. Everything I've written here is true and reflects my inner feelings and opinions.

22. ??????msn, ??????, ??????????, ????????......

Anyway, write me, friend me, comment me.

how to clean dirty nails

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