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Cool Decorations For Your Room

cool decorations for your room

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • Ornamentation

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“This is one of the best riads in Marrakech”
We have just returned from a 4 day stay at Riad Bab Marrakech, we had a fantastic time and highly recommend this riad to everybody.

The location of the riad is around a 5 minute walk away from the main Jemma el Fna square, I would say the location is perfect, you are in the middle of the medina, living around the locals and taking in all of the culture that Marrakech has to offer. On the other hand you are only a 5 minute walk away from the main sqaure. Transport can get to within 30 yards of the riad, so if you don't want to walk far, then you don't have to.

The decoration at the riad is all very tasteful, it really feels like you are in the middle of another culture. All of the fixtures/fittings at the riad looked brand new and everything was working as it should be.

The riad has 4 rooms, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor (all of the rooms were en-suite). It has a large terrace, where there are lots of seats, both formal for dining and sofas for relaxing. There is also a lovely "Chill Out" room on the terrace, which is a lovely idea, if you just want to relax and listen to your own music. There is also a futher level, where there are sun loungers for you to relax on, this was one of the best features of this riad, as you could relax on the loungers in the night, looking up at the hundreds of stars, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice.

There were 3 of us visiting Marrakech so we had a double room and a twin room. Both of the rooms were a nice size and had there own large bathrooms. There was individually controlled air-con fitted in each of the rooms as well as a fitted wardrobes. There is free WIFI available throughout the riad, the WIFI was working and was very fast.

The food at this riad was so nice. The breakfast was cooked freshly everyday for us and consisted of omelettes, breads, pastries, waffles, honey, jam, fresh orange juice, tea/coffee. We ate at the riad on our last evening in Marrakech, the kefta tagine was excellent, as was all of the side orders that came with it. We were just gutted we did not eat at the riad before as we could have had a few more meals there.

The staff at the riad were so friendly, if you asked them to do something (at anytime, day or night) they just smile at you and do what you have asked, excellent service, just as you would expect in a high class riad. The owner Oliver, is a great guy, he is a long time tripadvisor member and really knows how to look after his clients. He will be happy to arrange airport transfers, daytrips or whatever else you need, he is a genuine person and we fully trust him.

The riad also serves complimentry soft drinks all day/night. The orange juice is freshly squeezed and tastes just as good as the one you get at the square, you can have tea/coffee or mint tea whenever you desire.

All in all, this has to be one of the best riads in Marrakech, it has only recently opened and I am sure in time will be the best riad in its class. If you get a chance to stay here then go for it, we will be returning to Riad Bab Marrakech again later this year.

day 79/365 go on, spread your wings.

day 79/365 go on, spread your wings.

haha, making this picture was much harder than you would think. i mean, setting everything up for it was really funny and involved a lot of pushing furniture around and stealing tablecloths out of dining rooms. need i say more? :)

i'm not in the best mood because of three things:
1) biology test didn't go so well.
2) there's drama at school because of homecoming, ugh.
3) art club. let me explain this one, because i need to vent. i'm in art club at school, and we're in charge of doing all the homecoming decorations. cool, right? well, then the school band decides to ask us to make them a backdrop to play against for their show, that has to be done BY NEXT FRIDAY! that's insane, we need at least three weeks on this if we want it to be good, as it's going to take up about half the field once we assemble all the parts.
but still, we painted most of the road onto the big canvases (their show is called "road to victory") and had just started sponging in clouds, when we stopped and went inside to finish glittering the homecoming sign. when we stepped back out about a half hour later, it had rained! all of our hard work on the backdrop was ruined, the yellow and black and white all mixed together, and now i have to stay after all week fixing the stupid mess we made! and we're behind on everything now!

one of those days :)

EXPLORED!!! :) thank you, even though it's silly, it still makes me happy!

cool decorations for your room

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