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Obama t shirts boston - Offensive jesus t shirts

Obama T Shirts Boston

obama t shirts boston

August 31

August 31

Waiting for Julie
To land, we go sunbathing.
The dog needs a hat.

What with the end of the DNC and Hurricane Gustav threatening New Orleans again, it doesn't even feel like Labor Day weekend—maybe also because September 1 falls on a Monday, so it's a week early this year. Boo. Hiss.

Movie and I went to the Park to get a little sun (she was hot, so she pulled a Lawrence of Arabia with my Obama T-shirt), and then we walked from the grass by Turtle Pond (where we are stationed in this photo) down to Conservatory Lake, over to the Boathouse, just a hop to Bethesda Fountain, up towards Strawberry Fields, briefly pitstopped at Hernshead, and then finally back through the Marionette Theater and out onto CPW.

I bought Obama's books as audiobooks on iTunes, and started listening to Dreams From My Father at the gym. Then came home and watching part of his speech again while waiting for Julie to come home. And she finally did. Hurray!

Now I'm watching endless CNN and MSNBC coverage of Gustav, while reading articles online to convince myself, and by extension the American People, that Sarah Palin truly *is* as ridiculous a choice for McCain as I hope.

DSC 0135.JPG

DSC 0135.JPG

Is it strange for a
President's press conference
To make you giddy?

Movie dressed up for Barack's first national address since the inauguration. She was pleased with how he did. She was most impressed that he spoke in complete sentences and treated her like an adult dog, unlike that last president. She's almost 7, you know.

obama t shirts boston

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