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Pro Israel T Shirts. Buy T Shirts With.

Pro Israel T Shirts

pro israel t shirts

pro israel t shirts - Israeli-T God

Israeli-T God Bless Israel Blue Medium T-Shirt

Israeli-T God Bless Israel Blue Medium T-Shirt

God bless Israel. Throughout our many trials and tribulations god has always been there to deliver us. By God's guiding hand we have finally returned to the promise land- the holy land of Israel. But our journey is still far from over. Get this "God Bless Israel" T-shirt, sporting the same caption in English and Hebrew (back and forth), in celebration of our warm people, our beautiful heritage and our almighty god. Our journey is still long and perilous, but with Gods guidance we cannot go astray.

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Thousands of people marched up Fifth Avenue on Sunday in the annual Salute to Israel Parade celebrating the 1948 founding of the Jewish state.
Entertainer Lainie Kazan waved from one of the floats as hundreds of spectators lined the parade route between 56th and 79th streets.
Pro-Israel parade-goers hoisted the country's blue and white flag and sang Jewish folk songs. Contingents from yeshivas and Jewish day schools around the region marched in their school T-shirts.

Israel 2007-06-09 IMG 1730

Israel 2007-06-09 IMG 1730

Looking toward the southern end of the Dead Sea from the top of Masada, you can see some of the dikes separating the man-made salt evaporation pans used to extract minerals. The southern end is a massive industrial site used by both Jordan and Israel. In fact, the border runs down the center of long causeway that is seen in the photo. You can also see part of the canal that links the two portions of the lake.

pro israel t shirts

pro israel t shirts

Israeli-T Gilad Shalit Grey Medium T-Shirt

We must not forget! In June 2006 a soldier of Tank regiment 71 abducted by Hamas during a recon in the Gaza strip- that soldiers name is Gilad Shalit. Today, more than 4 years later, Gilad is still being held captive. He is granted none of the rights war prisoners legally deserve, allowed no visits from the Red Cross and no communication with the outer world. This iconic T- shirt sporting the picture of Gilad, the Israeli flag and the caption "Gilad is still alive" was made in support of the strle to see Gilad back in his homeland Israel. Wear this shirt so that the fight for Gilad's return will not be forgotten and abandoned Gilad is still alive, and we will not rest till he is once more safely and soundly in his home!

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