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Decorative Iron Grates. Train Nursery Decor. Rustic Decorating Ideas

Decorative Iron Grates

decorative iron grates



The moat surrounding the castle holds approximately 3.37 million gallons of water.

There are 18 towers with their corresponding spires on Cinderella Castle. They were pre-fabricated near the site, then slated, gilded, and hoisted into place.

There are 13 gargoyles on the outside of the castle.

A decorative portcullis (iron grating suspended by chains hung over a gateway of a fortified place, normally used to prevent passage) that is permanently raised is located above the gateway to the main hall.

The mosaic in the Castle archway was designed by Disney artist Dorothea Redmond and created and crafted by a team led by the world-famed mosaicist Hanns-Joachim Scharff.

The five murals contain about 500 colors and a million pieces of glass, many of them fused with real silver and 14-karat gold. Smooth-faced Venetian glass and rough-surfaced smalti (enameled or glazed glass) traditionally used by Italian craftsman were incorporated into the design. It took a team of six people more than two years to complete the murals. Note that each of Cinderella's wicked stepsisters has her own special facial tint. One sister is red in tone, to show that she is "red with rage," while another is greenish ("green with envy"), as they both look on as Cinderella tries on the glass slipper -- a perfect fit.

Tinker Bell embarked upon her first flight from Cinderella Castle on July 4, 1985.

In honor of Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary, Cinderella Castle was transformed into a giant pink castle cake (known by some as the "cakestle"), decorated with gum drops, Life Savers, lollipops and red candy hearts. The castle cake reigned for 15 months, from October1, 1996, through January 31, 1998. At the conclusion of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, Cinderella Castle was transformed back to its original traditional blue-and-gold-spired, storybook splendor.

Prior to April 28, 1997, Cinderella's Royal Table was called King Stefan’s Banquet Hall, which opened with Cinderella Castle on October 1, 1971. Walt Disney Imagineers had wanted to give the restaurant a regal name, and since there were no well-known characters from "Cinderella" that met their criteria, they instead took a little dramatic license and chose the name of Sleeping Beauty's father King Stefan.

The columns situated in the walkways that curve around either side of the forecourt to Cinderella Castle are decorated with mice and birds from the Disney animated feature film "Cinderella." The characters were sculpted by Blaine Gibson, who also sculpted the "Partners" statue on Main Street, U.S.A. and the Cinderella Wishing Well statue located on the walkway between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

There are more than 40 coats of arms on display inside Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant. Each coat of arms refers to someone who has played a significant role in the heritage and history of the Walt Disney Company. These are just some of the noteworthy Disney people whose family names are represented: Roger Broggie, Sr.; Marc Davis; Roy Disney, Sr.; John Hench; Diane D. Miller; Dick Nunis; Marty Sklar; Card Walker. To learn more about the heraldry located inside Cinderella’s Royal Table, visit the restaurant itself.

There is a penthouse inside Cinderella Castle that was intended to be an apartment for Walt Disney and his family when they were in Florida. After Walt Disney died in 1966, the apartment was never finished. Instead, the penthouse served as the operations area for Vista United Telecommunications (switchboard operators). It now serves as dressing rooms for the entertainers performing in the shows at the Castle Forecourt Stage.

There is also a two-bedroom "Cinderella's Guest Suite" in the Castle that was occupied on a nightly basic by one lucky family as a prize in the Year of a Million Dreams promotion.

Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom- Orlando Fl.

17 West 16th street (Margaret Sanger Clinic)

17 West 16th street (Margaret Sanger Clinic)

West 16th Street, Manhattan, New York City

This handsome Greek Revival house, built about 1846 in the once fashionable Union Square neighborhood, is one of a row of nine townhouses, four of which survive. The houses were planned and probably built by Edward B. Mesier. Number 17 later housed the famed birth control clinic of Margaret Sanger, the pioneer of family planning in this country.

The house serves as a distinctive reminder of the period when this section of Manhattan, near Union square, was a fashionable neighborhood filled with handsome residences. 'Ibis brick house with its generous width and elegant curved front is a finely-designed example of the Greek Revival style; the unusual bow front is a feature more commonly found on houses in Boston dating from earlier in the nineteenth century. 'The eared aIXi battered entrance surround, executed in stone, is a distinguishing architectural feature initially derived from Egyptian sources that was popular in Greek Revival rowhouse designs during the 1840s. 'Ibis house is one of a group of nine residences (four extant) constructed under the terms of a restrictive agreement which governed the use and overall design of the buildings to ensure that this block of West 16th street would develop as a fine residential street. During the late-nineteenth century and early-twentieth century the area changed from purely residential to one of mixed commercial and residential use. This house has maintained its residential character and simple elegance, and recalls the earliest period of development in this neighborhood west of Union Square.

Like the other houses in the original group from Nos. 1 to 19 West 16th street, it was built with three stories above a raised basement. In the twentieth century, a recessed penthouse was added behind the cornice, creating another story. The building is three bays wide, with a swell incorporating the two westernmost bays. The brick facade has been cleaned to show its original red color and contrasts with the original stone sills and lintels (now painted tan) two broad steps lead down to an open areaway paved in brick and tile.

A small section of the original iron railing survives at the western lot line and is continued by a non-historic iron fence. The fencing encloses a modern planter and storage area built of brick. The stoop has been removed and the entrance established in the eastern bay of the ground story. A one story, three-bay extension faced in concrete projects at this level. Fluted pilasters separate a glass door and two vinyl casement windows, all of which are fronted by decorative iron grating. Each pilaster is topped by a triglyph and the entire section is crowned by a heavy molding. A light fixture is located above the door. To the west of the entrance, the ground story is faced with cement and has two double-hung, one-over-one vinyl sash windows with non-historic metal grilles.

At the parlor story, the two westernmost openings have full-height, French doors with transoms surmounted by cap-molded lintels. The original ornate cast-iron balcony supported on two curvilinear iron brackets fronts the swell at this story. In the easternmost bay, the original entrance has been replaced by a tripartite window flanked by fluted concrete pilasters and topped by a cap-molded lintel. The side windows have two-over-two double-hung wood sash flanking wood casement windows.
- From the 1976 NYCLPC Landmark Designation Report

decorative iron grates

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