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How to decorate an apartment living room : Italian night decorations.

How To Decorate An Apartment Living Room

how to decorate an apartment living room

B.P. Apartment Building

B.P. Apartment Building

From the time I can remember I would always wake up before the sun rose and explore the house, or, get dressed, and, barefooted, go out side to explore the streets. Always, wanting to know “what”/””why” made buildings, the streets and the city what it was? I was less interested in where and more in what was it I was in. What surrounded and engulfed us. What was it? Where did it come from? Who made it? How was it made? And most importantly, why? Why were living in these rooms, building and streets? Why was one on top of the other and next to each other? Why were the cars parked on the street, in the gutter, and why were their sidewalks made of one material and the streets of another? Where did the alleys go and why were they built? The questions flowed and mounted as some were answered while others stored and mounted. So what was I doing when the bible says to do the opposite I was persuing the world. I was embroiling, romancing, delving and empathizing. I just loved it. God was on the back burner. I worshipped man and his creations. I beleive it was all for His purpose and I did not even wonder about that at the time. I was only grieved that I wasn’t altogether pled in, connected, and informed. I well realised that I was, as Yogi Gupta once described like a man underwater looking to the vessel as his world and not realizing he was under the water and that there was a world beyond the vassal.
I learned and professed to care and decorate the built environment.
First I learned hanging drapes and the appreciation of people’s home from a business point of view. I learned to see things in a different way. I learned that with out risk and change there is really no life. To view people’s homes as my place of business. To have an objective eye about people’s ordinary and simple and repetitive needs and necessities. To see the elements of interior decoration as a business and part of an industry.



see the tippy top of my computer? this is what i look at all day- or if i turn my head to the left i can spy into the kitchen and see how my (imaginary) dye pots are doing. to the right- my big pink work shelf. lovely work set-up. :D

how to decorate an apartment living room

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