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10.11.2011., četvrtak


Tubular tyres review. Tire pressure tester. Motorcycle tires

Tubular Tyres Review

tubular tyres review

    tubular tyres
  • A tubular tyre, referred to as a tub in Britain, a sew-up in the US, a single in Australia, or just a tubular is a bicycle tyre that is stitched closed around the inner tube to form a torus.

  • A completely enclosed tire cemented onto the wheel rim, used on racing bicycles

  • Tubular tyres are cycle tyres that have the inner tube permanently stitched inside the casing. They are held in place using glue or glue-tape, and are affixed to rims which lack the sidewalls characteristic of a hook-bead rim.

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IMG 0814

IMG 0814

Vittoria Crono Evo-CS Tubular.
700C, 20mm.

?20 + postage or free collection.
I'm based in Herne Hill, South London.

Used for a season of short distance TT's... still plenty of life left - please see how little wear there is to the tread.

From the Ribble website: Completely redesigned trial tubular
- Ultra-low rolling resistance thanks to the Corespun T 320TPI poly-cotton casing (700x20 version is 290TPI)
- Better elasticity and puncture resistance thanks to the latex inner tube
- Kevlar SiO2 3D Compound, tested by professional teams
- PRB puncture resistant belting
- Weight: 170g

IMG 0816

IMG 0816

For Sale

Continental Podium Tubular Tyre.

700C, 19mm wide.

Medium use, as you know with these things they go on forever. You'll easily get another two season's use out of it.

?10 + postage or free collection.
I'm based in Herne Hill, South London.

tubular tyres review

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