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Contemporary bird table. Antique table fans.

Contemporary Bird Table

contemporary bird table

  • belonging to the present time; "contemporary leaders"

  • a person of nearly the same age as another

  • characteristic of the present; "contemporary trends in design"; "the role of computers in modern-day medicine"

  • Living or occurring at the same time

  • Dating from the same time

  • Belonging to or occurring in the present

    bird table
  • Military inspired style of briefing sessions

  • A birdfeeder, bird feeder, bird table, or tray feeder are devices placed outdoors to supply bird food to birds. The success of a bird feeder in attracting birds depends upon its placement and the kinds of foods offered , as different species have different preferences.

contemporary bird table - Nova Lighting

Nova Lighting 11080 Chrome Bird s Nest 30 Inch Contemporary / Modern Cylindrical Table Lamp with Whi

Nova Lighting 11080 Chrome Bird s Nest 30 Inch Contemporary / Modern Cylindrical Table Lamp with Whi

30 Inch Contemporary / Modern Cylindrical Table Lamp with White Linen Shade from the Bird s Nest CollectionFeatures:White Linen ShadeSwitch Type: 3-Way RotaryRequires (1) Incandescent A19 Medium Base Bulb (Not Included)Specifications:Height: 30"Width: 16"Shade Dimensions: 10"H x 16"W x 16"LCrafted from Metal MaterialFounded in 1923 as a residential lamp company when electricity was still a relatively novel concept in daily life, Nova continues to drive changes and growth by offering a full spectrum of lighting solutions, as well as an expanding range of lifestyle products. Innovation, Design, Function and Value have been the consistent cornerstones of Nova s assortment, inspiring a loyal following among leading retailers who specialize in, and successfully serve, the design savvy consumer.

88% (18)

Immendorff, Jorg (1945-2007) - 1978 Cafe Deutschland II (Bonn Museum of Art, Germany)

Immendorff, Jorg (1945-2007) - 1978 Cafe Deutschland II (Bonn Museum of Art, Germany)

Oil on canvas; 290 x 290 cm.

Jorg Immendorff was one of the best known contemporary German painters; he was also a sculptor, stage designer and art professor. He studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf under Joseph Beuys. The academy expelled him because of some of his left-wing political activities and neo-dadaist actions. From 1969 to 1980 he worked as an art teacher at a public school, and then as a free artist, holding visiting professorships all over Europe. In 1989 he became professor at the Stadelschule in Frankfurt am Main and in 1996 he became professor at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf -- the same school that had dismissed him as a student.

His paintings are sometimes reminiscent of surrealism and often use irony and heavy symbolism to convey political ideas. He named one of his first acclaimed works "Hort auf zu malen!" ("Stop painting!"). He was a member of the German art movement Neue Wilde. Best known is his Cafe Deutschland series of sixteen large paintings (1977-1984) that were inspired by Renato Guttuso’s Caffe Greco; in these crowded colorful pictures, Immendorff had disco-goers symbolize the conflict between East and West Germany. Since the 1970s, he worked closely with the painter A. R. Penck from Dresden in East Germany. He created several stage designs, including two for the Salzburg Festival. In 1984 he opened the bar La Paloma in Hamburg St. Pauli and created a large bronze sculpture of Hans Albers there. He also contributed to the design of Andre Heller's avant-garde amusement park "Luna, Luna" in 1987. Immendorff created various sculptures; one spectacular example is a 25 m tall iron sculpture in the form of an oak tree trunk, erected in Riesa in 1999.

In 1997 he won the best endowed art prize in the world, the MARCO prize of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico. In the following year he received the merit medal (Bundesverdienstkreuz) of the Federal Republic of Germany. He was a friend and the favorite painter of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, who chose Immendorff to paint the official portrait of Schroder for the Bundeskanzlerleramt. The portrait, which was completed by Immendorff's assistants, was revealed to the public in January 2007; the massive work has ironic character, showing the former Chancellor in stern heroic pose, in the colors of the German flag, painted in the style of an icon, surrounded by little monkeys. These "painter monkeys" were a recurring theme in Immendorff's work, serving as an ironic commentary on the artist's business.

Immendorff was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 1998. When he could not paint with his left hand any more, he switched to the right. As of 2006, he used a wheelchair full-time and did not paint anymore; instead he directed his assistants to paint following his instructions. On May 27, 2007, at age 61, he succumbed to the disease.

Tropical Night detail ( from museum documentation).

Tropical Night detail ( from museum documentation).

LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: looking in; carrying bench; all four corners; music sense; action time; damn; falling man in suit; raging at blue sky; mongrel on podium & four wet corners; urgent cry; my bedroom view; thick dancer; house on fire; smoking gun; standing on bench to see over; brown bench; walking the wire. ROW 2: red yellow & green; venus of avianca; little moving feet; call to the floor; white hat green veil; draw (dis a cowboy town); feathered bat with green wing; moving up; art lesson (jimmy wang yu); white hat; dark house; white paper; lyrics & camouflage; ‘round the world; step and portal; embracing nothing; dog teeth. ROW 3: submerged with music sense; see-through jersey; blocko-men; now playing; twenty-one; control centre; carrying load 2; way out; feathered bat descending; embracing self; never take the biggest piece; once you have bread and wheels you good to go; man real liking himself; bread on wheels; open drawers; hiding to eat; falling man. ROW 4: explaining left and right; stepping in rome; berryl, move, you in de way; papa bois in see-through jersey; ah tell you not to run; afro-ophelia; mongrel and four wet corners; there was a sadness in his eyes as he ate more and more; bleeding house; looking left and right submerged; castaway; lyrics and house; more thoughts while submerged; eating within the enclosure; dreaming while submerged; never take the last piece; inverted podium on the move. ROW 5: as he fell to earth wondering; further explanations while submerged; see-through gun; see-through body; blood-red nectar; tie-up with blue ink; just wicked; party time; trying to see; after three leaps off a small mound; my side-table ’62; in the centre ring; hop, skip, jump; little feet; looking over the edge; excuse me do not let me stop you from swallowing; entering the picture. ROW 6: long teeth; enclosed in the hallowed hall; mas boots; badess; in de vale; sequin pants; star 3; new ground; lucky seven; shake it; but he smiling knowingly; empty cart; mongrel pissing on tree; carrying a slice; hiding to eat; all that’s left; trap hummingbird does dead. ROW 7: white-fenced enclosure; dancing feet; space; first brick, showing promise; cock-stand and bullets; departing birds; head and note; red tie; ribbon cutting; lizard move; submerged head; de vale after belmont; fortressed; individual walking; individual dancing; blood red hibiscus; bench notes. ROW 8: kingston venus; bench & map; passing through the hall; dreaming of more work; ring of fire; music sense in the dark; saturn; north, south, east, west; individual approaching; inverted podium; lucky seven with departing birds; taking flight; venus of avianca; arrival stories; looking out; listen good; map and tree.

contemporary bird table

contemporary bird table

Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Table Fan, Hummingbird, 11-Inch by 6-Inch

Let this charming Decorative Figurine Fan brighten your day while it keeps you cool. Made of high-quality cast metal with green finish and colorful accents, this hummingbird-shaped decorative fan is approximately 11-inches tall by 6-inches wide. UL approved, 3-Pedaled fan blade and 30-watt copper-spun motor produces a steady flow of cooling air. Simple on/off, smooth-running operation and low -maintenance design make this a favorite. Carries a one-year limited warranty. With its decorative appeal, a Figurine Fan can easily become a permanent part of any desk, vanity, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom decor. Deco Breeze offers an innovative collection of designer portable fans with styles that provide decorative options for every room in the home or office. From desktop and tabletop to floor standing and outdoor fans, and designs for every category - fun, modern, traditional, tropical and more - Deco Breeze has a fan to meet your decorating and gift giving needs.

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