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05.11.2011., subota


Bantam hockey teams : Hockey uniforms.

Bantam Hockey Teams

bantam hockey teams

    hockey teams
  • (hockey team) a team that plays ice hockey

  • (Hockey team) Hockey refers to a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the opponent's goal, using a hockey stick.

  • any of various small breeds of fowl

  • very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"; "the flyspeck nation of Bahrain moved toward democracy"

  • Bantam is a New York City rock group formed in 2001 by Lunachicks guitarist Gina Volpe. The band's current line-up is Gina Volpe on vocals and guitar, Pete Asarisi (of the FireGods) on drums, and Doug Oosterhouse on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Day333....Hockey Tournaments Are Hard Work

Day333....Hockey Tournaments Are Hard Work

For the past five years, I have donated a weekend to help at the West Ferris Early Bird Peewee Bantam Hockey Tournament.

Between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, this tournament hosted 53 Peewee and Bantam hockey teams and ran 110 hockey games.....

In this picture, I am sorting and folding the MVP t-shirts that are given out to the hardworking kids on each team after each game.

5d 103 2285-web

5d 103 2285-web

For some reason, the West Carleton goalie was wearing a black sweater, while the rest of his team was wearing white. I guess he brought the wrong one to the rink.

bantam hockey teams

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east coast selects hockey koristi kolačiće za pružanje boljeg korisničkog iskustva. Postavke kolačića mogu se kontrolirati i konfigurirati u vašem web pregledniku. Više o kolačićima možete pročitati ovdje. Nastavkom pregleda web stranice slažete se s korištenjem kolačića. Za nastavak pregleda i korištenja web stranice kliknite na gumb "Slažem se".Slažem se