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Studeni 2011 (16)

05.11.2011., subota


Find hockey players. Images of hockey. Cheap hockey sticks canada.

Find Hockey Players

find hockey players

    hockey players
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Upside Down Hockey Player

Upside Down Hockey Player

He was tripped by the guy in the back, but nothing was called on him. Instead, the upside down guy was called for being in the crease. The previous frame (not posted) clearly shows the trip on the right side of the net.

I find that I'm shooting less hockey these days when I watch the games. I think it is because people are starting to expect me to give them the photos, and expect me to be there and shooting. Some players are also getting pissed that I locked the photos and have been getting more sestions that I should move them to another server where I dont' have the originals locked. . And a bunch of them are ending up myspace, etc.

I don't think I mind people doing a screen capture, or looking through their caches for the images, but am bothered that people believe the images belong to them just because they are in them. They don't understand the amount of money that I spent on the equipment, insurance, and the time that it took for me learn how to do shoot and process hockey.

I shoot for fun. And I shoot for myself. I locked the photos because I want some control over them and to limit the bandwidth usage. These days, I'm approaching about 2+ gigs a month with just people viewing. Am I asking too much? I still give tons away for free for friends and teammates when asked, but don't do it when people that I don't really know come up to me and complain that I have the right clicked disabled, or how they couldn't copy the photos, etc. And they stop asking for them when I telling that they can have the digital files for a measly $5 per file. I do this to mainly limit the strangers asking for everything. For friends... ask away!

But then again, if I didn't shoot, I would not have captured a moment like this :-)

added: I decided to post the trip as well.

Hockey Player 1929

Hockey Player 1929

Photo has '1929' written on the back in ink.

Can anyone identify the location? I have reason to believe a lot of the photos in this box may be from Quebec.

find hockey players

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