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Landscaping Shade Trees : Measuring Mini Blinds.

Landscaping Shade Trees

landscaping shade trees

    shade trees
  • (shade tree) a tree planted or valued chiefly for its shade from sunlight

  • (Shade tree) A tree in a public place, street right-of-way, or special easement, planted to provide canopy that will obscure the sun and heat from the ground.

  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and shrubs

  • working as a landscape gardener

  • a garden laid out for esthetic effect; "they spent a great deal of money on the landscaping"

  • (landscape) embellish with plants; "Let's landscape the yard"

Shades of coconut trees

Shades of coconut trees

Here's another picture of the greens in Hidden Valley in the Phillipines. I like the shades here, it was so hot that day. As said, I got another little story to tell. I was very excited to go there and invited some of our family, never thought that the entrance fee was about thirty euro's pp. When our family saw that they didn't want to go in anymore, they thought it was to expensive and we better spend the money we saved for that on food. How about that? So they waited for us for four hours, It was so sweet, I feld guilty and again the big gap in finance between the rich western world and the Philippines came to life to me. Ouch!
Still think of that when I upload again a new picture on my laptop, ofcourse our second pc, we need we?

Shaded Burnett Fountain

Shaded Burnett Fountain

It's almost too dark to see, but the fountain has a bronze sculpture of a boy and a girl from the book The Secret Garden. It is a memorial to author Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Conservatory Garden @ Central Park.
New York City, New York, USA.

landscaping shade trees

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