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Floor Jack Adapter

floor jack adapter

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floor jack adapter - Floor Jack

Floor Jack Saddle Adapter for Rocker Panel Pinch Weld

Floor Jack Saddle Adapter for Rocker Panel Pinch Weld

Unibody vehicles can't be safely lifted with conventional floor jacks - says who? With this Floor Jack Pad Adapter you can safely lift Unibody vehicles with a regular floor jack, without damaging pinch welds, mis-aligning body panels, or damaging suspension components. Adapter's U-channel lifts vehicles at the correct factory-designated lift points. Not Applicable for plastic parts. To use, simply remove the saddle insert from the floor jack and insert the pad adapter. Fits jack saddles with 1/2" or 1-1/8" holes (with bushing included). Altering Jack Adapter could cause damage.

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Chris bought a big floor jack and transmission adapter. The adapter is on the left. It's way too tall (the truck back axle would have to be 23 inches above the ground to slide the transmission in on it), so we built our own instead on the right. It doesn't have a fancy tilt adjustment, but it's over six inches shorter. We can adjust the tilt with little shims.

My Monster Garage

My Monster Garage

OK, it's nothing like the Sultan of Michigan's, but it's the biggest garage I've ever had. It's good to have a big garage when you've got two Spec RX-7's to swap transmissions between, and it's been raining outside for a solid week. Technically it's my basement, but somebody put a garage door on the side, and I'm not one to complain about it.

floor jack adapter

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