World Map Floor Mat - Versalock Flooring.

World Map Floor Mat

world map floor mat

    world map
  • A world map is a map of the surface of the Earth, which may be made using any of a number of different map projections.

    floor mat
  • A mat is a term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including: * providing a regular or flat surface, such as a mousepad.

world map floor mat - World Map

World Map Interlocking Floor Mat

World Map Interlocking Floor Mat

World Map Interlocking Floor Mat by Alessco

Geography has never been this much fun! Alesscois World Map Set incorporates learning into playing by using SoftFlooro interlocking puzzle pieces to construct this interactive play mat. Color coded countries, flags and an easy-to-read format making learning about geography especially fun for kids. Because this mat is manufactured using recyclable, sustainable recycled materials, it is also environmentally friendly.

Turn your kidis playroom into an interactive, educational and colorful space using play mats from Alessco! Easy to install, store and of course play on, Alessco uses interlocking SoftFlooro tiles to create an engaging and stimulating play spaces for kids. Each interactive floor mat features the alphabet, numbers, maps or other playful themes. Soft enough for kids to play safely, Alessco uses recyclable, sustainable recycled materials to manufacture these fun mats.

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Stairs to the rooms

Stairs to the rooms

In through the doors at the old barracks building we find arched celings, creme and burgundy paint on the walls, old metal beds (rusted - no mats) and warped floors and celings that were caved in.

Kummersdorf Air Base September 2006

These are all photos of an old german then soviet air base in Kummersdorf Germany. They're in the process of tearing it down to expand Shonefeld airport, near Berlin.

Most of these buildings were built during ww1 for training the German military. Then, as WW2 progresssed rocket research was done here in an attempt to come up with larger more powerful artilery shells, and then atomic weapons. Finally, when the scientists headed to the US and Russia, they started building artilery shells and training officers here.

After WW2, when the soviets moved in, the soviets had staging post for their troops, and started doing research on rockets for the space race. Somewhere in these pictures is a soviet explosive test area (it was a buried bunker with 35 foot thick concrete walls surrounding 10 foot thick steel bunker.) which was exploded and broke windows for over 3000 houses nearly a mile away.

World Map Antique Postcard

World Map Antique Postcard

"Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula" (World Map), F. DeWit, 1660

Antique Maps Pomegrante Postcard Book

world map floor mat

world map floor mat

Play & Learn Soft & Safe 6'x 6' x 4' World Map Foam Puzzle Floor Set

If preschool teachers want to get their kids off to a head start for future history lessons, this is a great item to help. Kids can gather together on the mat and discuss what items come from different countries, where discoveries were made, it's exciting to write about it because the possibilities are endless. Same goes for home use as we all know how kids love to ask questions. So if your child asks were the family car was made, you can point to the U.S., Japan, Germany etc. For more educational fun, the bottom of the foam map has a lot of the flags of the world and sides have longitude and latitude numbers for the older kids. Total Pieces: 60. Size: 6'6" x 4' x 5/8".

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