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Play free pizza cooking games. Spice list for cooking. Cooking chicken livers.

Play Free Pizza Cooking Games

play free pizza cooking games

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Sunday February 28th

She slept really well again last night, that's three nights this week. Crossed fingers for a trend.

Brandi had to go into work for 11:00 this morning and my mom was supposed to come over at noon, she had a cold/flu thing so ended up canceling.

We did a video call with Uncle Matty who just got back from Australia and was still time adjusting. I think he was glad to talk to her.

We headed down the elevator with Brandi and went for a walk while Brandi went to work. Popped in to the banks to do some money switching for rent tomorrow. Stopped in at Save on Foods for some lactose free milk for me and a mango for Isobel. She fell asleep shortly after leaving the store. I wandered around the Richmond Center mall a bit. Stopped in at HMV to see if there were any DVD's I might get. Also Matty was talking about a game he got and I was interested to see if there was anything I might end up picking up. There's a new AVP game that's tempting. Also I've been eying up Borderlands for a while and one of my Flickr friends has played and I'm waiting on his verdict (John). But in the end nothing interested me. I stopped and had lunch at New York Fries and headed home. Belly woke up in the elevator when some people got on and started talking loudly. "Can't you see there's a baby sleeping here?!?!" Rats.

I made her a grilled cheese for lunch which you can see here she thought it wasn't cooked enough and she ate most of it, though later when Brandi got home she found a piece in her toy sink. We spent most of the day playing, getting chased by penguins, reading and snacking. Brandi got home at 7:00 we had been watching Up and eating dinner (Pizza Hut, she didn't want the beans that Brandi made last night so I got her some breadsticks and bananas). She seems to be interested in dogs...oh and we also watched Triplets of Belleville this morning. A mostly dialogue free animated french Canadian movie about a kidnapped cyclist and his mother's journey to get him back. She really liked the dog in the movie and would pipe up with "Pup!" each time he was onscreen barking.

Brandi got home and took a shower while we bathed and we watched the last two episodes of Jericho. Isobel went to bed during this time and now Brandi's in bed due to her having to get and be at work at 4:00 in the morning for the whole Olympic participants leaving now that the games are over and all the Paralympic participants arriving. It's going to be a long day for her tomorrow. 12 hours at least. My dad and his G/F are planning on showing up so I'll be able to get some housework done I hope.

play free pizza cooking games

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