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Youth Bike Shorts

youth bike shorts

youth bike shorts - Pearl iZUMi

Pearl iZUMi Jr. Quest Cycling Short,Black,X-Large

Pearl iZUMi Jr. Quest Cycling Short,Black,X-Large

Your kids really like to ride bikesjust like mom and dad. Pearl Izumi made the Quest Shorts so your budding cyclists can ride in comfort. These junior shorts have a lightly padded chamois and wicking, body-hing fabric that will only increase their stoke.

Product Features
Material: Sensor-Transfer (88% nylon, 12 % spandex)
Chamois: yes
Chamois Thickness:
Removable Chamois:
Bib: no
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: road biking
Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

80% (17)

Le Porge-Océan - 8th August

Le Porge-Océan - 8th August

The beach and The Atlantic

7th August - Saint Symphorien to Bordeaux
Having cycled so far the previous day, I only have 35 miles to Bordeaux so I'll get there relatively early which I'm glad about because I'm only staying there for one night. The forest continues for about 25 miles and then suddenly ends with two chateau and their accompanying vineyards covering the land. I can tell I'm approaching Bordeaux. 10 miles later in Bordeaux, I find the youth hostel without too much trouble, have some lunch and then wander into the centre. I'm not too impressed so far but I never seem to like anywhere so much when I'm really tired. Will carry on wandering...

P.S. Supermarket update! Jonny has sested "Carrefour" and Charlotte Willsher "Mammoth" though she's not sure that its French. I've not seen one yet. I think "Ed" is a supermarket. I keep seeing it advertised but haven't had the chance to go to one yet. What fun. Is this really boredom relief?

So I really didn't find much to see in Bordeaux. There seems to be a lot of building and road works going on at the moment which doesn't help. I went back to the hostel to have some food and when I went into the eating area with my usual bread, cheese and pate, a guy asked me (in English) if I wanted to share a bottle of wine with him. Not a problem at all! His name was Bruce and is from Rhode Island. He studies Chemical Engineering there and was telling me about how he earnt money for his trip. He spent 1000 dollars on equipment (syringes, a pressure cooker, petr dishes, a glove box to use things in a sterile atmosphere) to grow his own gourmet mushrooms to sell. He says that it is really easy to buy mushroom spores on the internet. Unfortunately, this wasn't very profitable but it was really just practice for when he grows magic mushrooms which would definitely be profitable. A crazy guy.

Anyway, we had finished eating and just chatting when two girls walked past. Bruce heard that they were speaking English so just called out to them, asking where they were from: Laura from London and Robin from British Columbia. We chatted to them for a short time but Bruce had to go to bed to get his train at 5am the next morning so I went with Laura, Robin and two italian guys that they had met, into town for some food and drink (mostly for me because I had already eaten). We found a restaurant that looked alright but it was only when we had been there for a while that we realised it was an Italian restaurant - at least the italian guys felt at home. All four of them were really nice and we got on really well. Robin had the most interesting/crazy stories because it seems British Columbia is quite a weird place with a lot of cults including a vegetarian Russian one called the Sons Of Freedom and a branch of that called the New Settlement. Of course there are some Mormons around as well(!). We eventually made it back to the hostel at about 1am and it just so happened that the three people I was sharing my room with were Bruce and the two italian guys. A good night - my time in Bordeaux wasn't so bad after all.

8th August - Bordeaux to Maubuisson (via Le Porge-Ocean and Lacanau)
Had breakfast with the italian guys (Bruce had left very early to get his train) and then cycled round Bordeaux for a while and then to this internet cafe where they are playing a Billy Idol album.

After a few miles of ploughing through Bordeaux traffic headed west on a relatively quiet but perfectly flat road towards the beach. That and my legs feeling great after an afternoon rest I was able to keep a speed of about 20mph the whole way so made it to Le Porge Ocean pretty quickly. Once I had managed to push my bike over the sand-dunes (which is really really hard work) I had lunch on the beach. Then continued north on cycle paths to Lacanau which is incredibly touristy - mostly Germans for some reason.

Day 21; Aged Youth

Day 21; Aged Youth

Is this your hand? Yes.
Why does it look so old? Glue and water from tech.
Do you photoshop? No.

A common argument for my mom to hear on a normal day: why do does older than us assume that we are immature and useless creatures with no real knowledge. I have always found it impossible to comprehend their point of view.

Maturity is reached with experiences and although experience can be gained through age it is not only dependent on that.

From my very first days I've had to face things most people haven't faced in their entire lives. I live in this country in this circumstance, with this knowledge because of all I've had to live.

I am still a child. I am fifteen and short. I smile a lot and giggle at the stupidest things. I watch kids shows and use my bike as my primary source of transportation.

I am also more than that. I know how to carry crying heads on my shoulders. I've been to funerals and hospitals. I've left everything; language, family, friends, home, climate, beautiful mountains; all behind to come to this place. I've come to have a better future and to live. Now I'm faced with the harsh reality of the shattered american dream. Everything isn't as easy as they put it in the movies.

Everything moves, everything changes. I can't predict any of this.

I am constantly reminded of life and everything it envelops. My youth only barely here and my unpredictable future right down to its obvious end.

I am young. I still have much to go to reach the wrinkles and the liver spots and also the smiling wrinkles and snow white hair. You never know when this will happen or even if it will happen. From here I see those that are aged but I don't see them in numbers or wrinkles or muscles, I see them in experiences and wisdom.

I'm glad I'm young, I'm glad I'm aged.

Gracias a Dios llego la primavera.
Gracias a Dios llegue a la primavera.

youth bike shorts

youth bike shorts

Troy Lee Designs BP 7605 Shorts Youth Undergarment MX/Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body Armor - Black / Medium

Troy Lee Designs (TLD) BP 7605 Shorts Youth Undergarment MX Body Armor - Designed for comfort and unrestricted motion in the riding position. Constructed with premium Lycra 4-way stretch anti-microbial material for compression and moisture wicking. Includes flat-lock seams and comfort fit waistband.

BP7605 Base Protective Shorts
Shock Doctor technology
X-FIT integrates a wraparound external supporter for unparalleled comfort and fit
Lightweight 4-way stretch material breathes for maximum ventilation in hot weather
Outer thigh pads offer low profile protection
Inner thigh pads enhance seat comfort and protection from chafing
Full length leg eliminates need for knee sleeves used with knee braces and knee guards
Integrated crotch chamois pad sized specifically for motorcycle seats
Patents: D548,928 (USA), 115952 (CAN) & 6,161,222. Additional patents pending
2012 Model

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