Tired of life
Eternal shadows sealing my mind
It cannot be a crime to do it one more time
Digging a grave in my dried skin
Another battle that i cant winn
Lookin for God but my prayers are lost
Theywe benn roaming trough my forgotten past

I could have pulled the trigger and eased my mind
Butt it would been too easy

To leave the world behind
To leave my tears behind
To leave nothing behind

Theres a cemmetary in my back yard
Burried taughts havent got far
Screams that try to break out again
It was worse way back then
You wiped a tear of my blushed cheek
It's only a taught, maybe im too weak

To pull the trigger,ease my mind
Butt would been too easy

Leave the world behind
To leave my tears behind
To leave nothing behind

The storm is over I see the sun
You remind me im not he only one
Not the only one
Not the only one

Just sitting near the wind glass
With a deep look towards the stars
Wondering where are you darling
When will the world be ours

The time has stoped since you are gone
And i lose myself in the cigar smoke
Memories can't cover this sad time
So write a new page in my book of life

I miss you darling
God i miss your touch
I miss you darling
And while i sing this song
Seems we were apart
For so long

And this glass near me is empty
Like I'm so empty inside
And this whole place reminds me of you
So hear my words and know they're true

I miss you darling
God i miss your kiss
I miss you darling
And while i sing this song
Seems we were apart
For so long

I search this room for your face
Knowing your smile pictures can't replace
And I'm in agony since you're away
I can't stay without you,not another day

I miss you darling
God i miss your touch
I miss you darling
And while i sing this song
Seems we were apart
For so long

Without you
Without you I am nobody
Just another rose in vain
Without you I'm surrounded
With no pleasure,just pain

Without you I feal sorry
For all the things I'we said
Without you I remember
All the moment we shaired

I'll do whatever I can
To cross that long bridge again
To be in your heart my friend
The blood moon will shine again

Without you I'm trapped
Just another bird in the cage
Without you I'm lost
Can't seem to find my way

I'll do whatewer I can
To cross that long bridge again
To be in your hear my friend
The blood moon will shine again

Garden of eden

I have memoryes
Of an angel whisper
Trying to bring me back
But I just can't forget

How i counted wasted days
And i felt so alone
Oh please spread your wings
And fly me back home

To the garden of eden
Way back home
To the garden of eden
Way back home
Back home

When i look at your picture
That move is off my fame
I run my hand trough your hair
And you drie out my tears

And you soft whisper
Brings me on my knees
Can you find a place where
My heart can be at ease

To the garden of eden
Way back home
To the garden of eden
Way back home
Back home

And whenever i am lonely
I think of your smile
And why to forget that
It has past a while

Dont try to explain
I know how you feel
A deep look in your eyes
And our minds are revealed

In the garden of eden
Way back home
To the garden of eden
Way back home
Back home

And those memoryes
wont perish
No mather how iI try
We can stay apart
but our love will never die

In the garden of eden
Way back home

Love is unfair

I still love you baby
And i am feeling good
I still love you baby
And i am in good mood

Why are you running baby
Dont i look good
Why are you running baby
Did you understood

I wona touch you one more time
And put your heart near mine

What have i done wrong
Dont you like this song
Baby I like your purple shirt
i m the happiest men on earth

I wona touch you one more time baby
And put yoour heart near mine
Please give me just one kiss
You wont regretit it wont be a miss

Bad Obsession

22.02.2007., četvrtak


eo nas prijatelj i veliki grupi benda Dobry se potrudio i napravio neke videe za neke nase pjesme na youtubu
pa eto:

1. Safty na


3. i po mom misljenju najbolji Garden of eden

pa ono pogledajte i komentirajte ak ocete :)

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30.01.2007., utorak

snimili smo

i eto....CD sa 11 pjesama je gotov...ako hocete mozete pogledat i smijesni interview na i tamo mozete skinuti i dvije pjesme-i da-uploadali smo 3 staro nove verzije pjesama na pa pogledajte ako imate vremena...budite dobri i imajte lijep dan-kako bi džovi rekao :)

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- 18:51 - Vox Populi (1) - - - Bad Obsession

14.01.2007., nedjelja

evo snimili smo....

i snimili smo...ono...doradit cemo sve jos slijedeci vikend...dodat vokale...napravit ce se neki mastering pa ce zvucat jos bolje...i tak...ako hocete cut kako stare pjesme zvuce nezavrseno ali u novom ruhu odite na pa komentirajte ovdje i tamo ih mozete i downloadat

pogotocvo me zanima vas komentar na everlong i love is ono dajte si truda

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- 21:17 - Vox Populi (14) - - - Bad Obsession

06.01.2007., subota


Ovako...kako sam naslov kaze....u subotu za tjedan dana snimamo ovu buku sto proizvodimo u malom theatru(ako ne dodje do nekih promjena)...Snimit cemo vjerovatno one 3 stvari sa naseg starog demoa ponovno i u malo drugacijem stilu(Garden of eden,Tired of life i Love is unfair) posto se nasoj postavi pridruzio i klavijaturist/gitarist Darac koji nam je uvelike promijenio sound....nadalje....snimamo 3 domace stvari(Nisam ja gay,Safty i jedna nova koji nismo jos ni na jednom koncertu svirali pa ce biti iznenadjenje)...Snimit cemo jos oko 5 novih stranih stvari koje uključuju Dream, Everlong, Suicide note, Without you i Four room house of funn....tako da....zazelite nam puno uspjeha da sto vise posla stignemo napravit i tak.....neke pjesme cete vjerovatno moci skinuti s naseg bloga(budem se potrudio uploadat),a za ostale se snadjite sto se cd-a tice....hvala....drogiramo se


- 16:59 - Vox Populi (9) - - - Bad Obsession

20.12.2006., srijeda

e bok...odi lezi

posto ovo sigurno nitko na svijetu ne cita mozemo pisati gluposti.....zivi smo i zdravi smo....drogiramo se pa nam se sada oci sjaje(.)(.)
kao ono....nest sviramo...neku glazbu...drogiramo se....
Sto se tice drogiranja:drogiramo se...
Sto se stice sviranja:ono....sviramo neku drogu....
A ono....joooooooooj........
Sta ima?!?!?!...?1234342345?
Jel se i vi drogirate???

Imamo novih par pjesama koje ce biti svirane...negdje....mozda....nekad...sigurno...jos malo...kad budu...jel....i tak ono....drogiramo se....
Postovanje!!!Odi lezi!
hrk munj mšn krma čarli kolibrič tapir


- 20:11 - Vox Populi (19) - - - Bad Obsession

27.10.2006., petak


eo ovog četvrtka sviramo sa Round aboutom(mogli ste ih čut na danima piva) u Oxygenu pa navratite, svirka ce garantirano bit odlična

...usput tada slavimo godišnjicu postojanja benda u ovoj postavismijeh

...očekujem vas

al capone

- 06:27 - Vox Populi (2) - - - Bad Obsession

18.09.2006., ponedjeljak

I tak...

eo da najavim slijedeći koncert 13.10. (petak) na Danima piva u šatoru sviramo kao predgrupa Atomskom skloništu naughty
....i da dobili smo i 5. člana u bendu- Darac na klavijaturama i naravno u nekim pjesmama upada i s gitaromnut , uglavnom sound nam je nekako drugačiji po mom mišljenju i bolji čak tak

vidimo se u šatoru


- 13:21 - Vox Populi (13) - - - Bad Obsession

09.09.2006., subota


eo mi ponovo počeli s probama i nemoš vjeovat sto ubijamo nakon vise od mjesec dana nesviranja. Proba je bila sasvim dobra i imam razloga za optimizam, tim više što imamo sad par koncerta u 9. mjesecu jos sviramo 2.puta, jos tocne datume neznam al jedan od tih koncerata će bit u Čepinu...
U 10. mjesecu sviramo na jednom velikom događaju koji ću vam tek kasnije otkrit kad bude vrijeme za torofl , ono Zagreb jos necu ni spominjat jer ima jos dosta do togwink
Još par novosti, Sale(basist) je kupio novi bas i prejebeno zvuči a Leo bubnjeve nove (20 000 kn) i sad kad sam to napiso mogu jos samo napisat par točkica........................................roflnaughty


- 18:16 - Vox Populi (9) - - - Bad Obsession

22.07.2006., subota

Stigli iz Zadra

Evo ovako....konacno smo se vratili iz Zadra(barem neki)...
Bilo je pre dobro...zabava....svirka...drustvo.....sve za 5.
Sve u svemu....isli smo na 5 dana sa ekipom iz Kluba mladih,Marionetama i Speedom....
Atmosfera na cijelom putu(koji je trajao jebenih 13 sati) je bila odlicna....Svi se nacugali...dovukli smo dvije akustare i svirali sprdnje kao sto su nisam ja gej, Tom Kruz(stvar koju smo napisali u vlaku za jednog decka iz Marioneta) i Hey Jimmy....mislim da se jedan dio tekstova moze naci na alkos blogu
Kada smo konacno stigli...skontali smo da organizacija nije bila bas najjaca pa nas u Zadru nije docekao obecani razglas i set bubnjeva....nije to ni bilo tolko bitno...napravili smo nekakav unpluged koncert.....iako nismo mogli odsvirati planiranu listu i zvuk nam bas nije bio genijalan, svirka je ispala sasvim o.k.-Ostale dane je zvone izgledao kao hodajuci les,a u vodi je oko njega ostajala nekakva zuto...zelenkasto...smeckasta mrlja....Vjerovatno od alkohola koji je isparavao...jedne veceri smo ga se cak i bojali....leo je po obicaju puno pricao i bio smijesan(spjetom okolnosti je dobio nadimak Posejdon, ali to je duga prica)....Vrhunac svega je bila svirka s didgeredoom i Speed koji su pre dobri

- 19:03 - Vox Populi (16) - - - Bad Obsession

01.06.2006., četvrtak


evo jedan koncert da najavim 17.6 u subotu u 18.30 sati sviramo na UFO-u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bit ce fora pa dodite jel;)


- 23:40 - Vox Populi (14) - - - Bad Obsession

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