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Top 10 Reasons To Date A Hockey Player. Adult Hockey Tournaments Ontario

Top 10 Reasons To Date A Hockey Player

top 10 reasons to date a hockey player

    hockey player
  • an athlete who plays hockey

    to date
  • up to now: prior to the present time; "no suspect has been found to date"

  • The ending date of the date range for when a permit reaches a particular milestone. Applicable only when a milestone is specified for a search. The acceptable formats are mm/dd/yyyy, mm.dd.yyyy, and mm-dd-yyyy. A value must also be provided in the Date From: field (see before).

  • "Beginning" is Kotipelto's first single released in 2004 through Century Media.

  • Persuade (someone) with rational argument

  • Think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic

  • Who You Fighting For? is an album released by UB40 on July 18, 2005. The album was nominated for the reggae album Grammy in 2006 . It marks the return of the rootsier, political sound that the group cultivated during the early 1980s. It was the band's first release by Rhino Records in the US.

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Which way to go? (Eternal dilemma's)

Which way to go?    (Eternal dilemma's)

Today is my birthday. Birthdays are like unescapable dates that force me to look back and look ahead. New Year's Day has a similar effect on me. And certain anniversaries. Opportunities, and also forced concepts.
In fact EVERY single day is a day for not forgetting the things behind us (or for forgetting). Every day is a gift to build, to give, to enjoy.
Chances, why don't we use them enough? Cos we're human. You get it: I think too much. But the nicest thing is (at least for most of us) : there are always new chances! :-)

BTW, my birthday is something that calls for enjoying, so I always enjoy nice things in the weeks before and after! ;-)
One of the presents that I gave myself is my photocamera! A necessity, a new passion! So I can give you something back! A warm greeting to all nice and great people on flickr!

P.S.: I did not really mean to shoot this image in the dark, but when it was daylight, I hadn't my camera with me. But I think I like this result even better. See? Opportunities! ;-)

P.S. 2: Later on, using this image on an exhibition, I started using the new title: "Eternal dilemma's"

087 - Mar 28 - Date Night!

087 - Mar 28 - Date Night!

Okay, maybe ONE more for Story People. I think I'm addicted!!

He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time.

Shawn's back for a visit to my stream! I roped him into posing today. We celebrated the end of a very long and stressful time at my job by going on a proper date. We saw Hello Dolly at the 5th Avenue Theater (nevermind that we did not like it and left at intermission) and then had a wonderful dinner at The Metropolitan Grill, which is a great steakhouse in Seattle.

It was a lovely afternoon/evening and now we're home and snled up on the couch to watch a movie. I couldn't ask for anything better!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

top 10 reasons to date a hockey player

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