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11.11.2011., petak


Shure Pg14 Performance Gear Wireless Guitar System - Strada Wireless Computer - Hidden Surveillance Cameras Wireless.

Shure Pg14 Performance Gear Wireless Guitar System

shure pg14 performance gear wireless guitar system

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shure pg14 performance gear wireless guitar system - Shure PG14/PG30

Shure PG14/PG30 Wireless Headset System, H7

Shure PG14/PG30 Wireless Headset System, H7

A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless Systems are engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R wireless. Marrying superior sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity and frequency selectability, Performance Gear Wireless fulfils the promise of independent, confident performance in freedom from the wire. Reliable wireless performance with superior sound quality. Includes PG4 Diversity Receiver, PG1 Bodypack Transmitter, and PG30TQG Headset Condenser Microphone Now YOU Can Choose the Perfect Frequency or Channel for your Area! Avoid interference with TV broadcast! Leading the industry again, AMS now lets you choose the wireless system that works best in your area. Please CLICK HERE to view important frequency local compatibility information. Performance Gear Wireless features include: Reliable wireless performance Up to 8 compatible systems across multiple UHF bands (up to 9 simultaneous systems possible with available US frequency bands) Shure's patented Predictive Diversity ensures continuous reception Confident, portable setup First in the industry Internal 1/4 wave antennas minimize poor positioning and breakage Durable construction Superior sound quality Variable companding ratio for clear sound 80 years of microphone expertise AmericanMusical is an authorized dealer of Shure products.

80% (9)

Performance Apis Lumbricidae

Performance Apis Lumbricidae

Bogota, Colombia. Agosto 21/2009 .VII encuentro hemisferico de performance y politica en las americas.performance. Apis Lumbricidae/Natalia Zamudio, Pamela Campos, Zoitsa Noriega, Claudia Torres, Nathaly Buenaventura. foto: Mateo Rudas

Shure SM7B Mic

Shure SM7B Mic

Shure SM7B - same model of mic used by Michael Jackson on Thriller. The SM7B has also been used by Paramore, Suicide Silence, etc.

shure pg14 performance gear wireless guitar system

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