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Mod Monkey T Shirt

mod monkey t shirt

    t shirt
  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • tamper: play around with or alter or falsify, usually secretively or dishonestly; "Someone tampered with the documents on my desk"; "The reporter fiddle with the facts"

  • imp: one who is playfully mischievous

  • A small to medium-sized primate that typically has a long tail, most kinds of which live in trees in tropical countries

  • (in general use) Any primate

  • A mischievous person, esp. a child

  • any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians)

  • Make modifications to; modify

  • relating to a recently developed fashion or style; "their offices are in a modern skyscraper"; "tables in modernistic designs";

  • a British teenager or young adult in the 1960s; noted for their clothes consciousness and opposition to the rockers

  • (mods) a youth subculture that began in London in the early 1960s; a working-class movement with highly stylized dress and short hair; listened to rhythm and blues music and travelled on motor scooters

Lab Gorilla mods with Donkey Kong

Lab Gorilla mods with Donkey Kong

Let me introduce you to the Ape Squad.

Abioye (the white Ape on the left of your screen)- His name means "born of royalty" and he thinks that way. He is the leader with a sense of entitlement. He is considered very persuasive... even to humans.

Adisa (The one in the suit)- His name means "the one who is clear". He is the brother of Abioye but does not share his ambition. He is untrusting of humans but will work with them to bring down his revenge crazed brothers. He has joined the Officers but plans to return to Africa as soon as the job is done. Little does he know that...

***Note originally Adisa was a mod for Monkey Man and O'brian but in Horrorclix games he is played as Adisa and use Alpha conversion rules.***

Jelani (The Lab Gorilla mod in the middle)- His name means "Mighty" in Swahili. He is Abioye's enforcer and blind follower. Nothing man can say that will sway his bloodlust for revenge.

Tau (the closest Gorilla on the right hand side of your screen. He's wearing the shirt.)- His name means "Lion" and was named after a african King in the 18th century. He challenges Abioye for leadership every chance he gets. He is also the technically skilled scientist of the group. Equally driven as Abioye for revenge is what keeps them working together. Think of them as the John Lennon/ Paul McCartney of the group. Always fighting but can produce great things when working together.

Zuberi (The original vet lab gorilla in the back right)- His name means strong in Swahili. He suffered brain damage from an over zealous lab assistant that didn't like the way he challenged her with his eyes. He follows whomever leads. Because of the brain damage he speaks in broken english if he talks at all.


Donkey Kong- He is the dumbest of the group. He get fixated on battling this little plumber who defeated him once after he kidnapped his girlfriend, the Princess from a small European country. He is a sometimes member of the group because he gets picked on by the rest.

you always have to ask, don't you?

you always have to ask, don't you?

me about a week ago.

hello to myles (my canon) as well. :]

(the title is rubbish. this just makes me think of quaddy and steph's coat, which makes me think of the scene with jimmy and the short-blondehaired girl, Monkey...)

shirt and coat from RePsycho.

mod monkey t shirt

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