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Dog T Shirts Big Brother : Black Band T Shirt.

Dog T Shirts Big Brother

dog t shirts big brother

    big brother
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...couldn't help but sing HSM's "I Don't Dance" every time I heard somebody say that! :P

Anyway. August 4th, 2010. I had been looking forward to that day for weeks! Literally! I had a countdown on my phone!

This is essentially part 2 of my JDRF Kickoff recap...part 1 was yesterday's post, so go back and read that part if you haven't yet :) ...OOORRRRR go back and read it again :P

So my day started super early because we had a three hour drive ahead of us and I won't go into that again bc i pretty much covered it in part 1....all I'm gonna say is it was pretty dramatic but nothing a little Nick Jonas in my ear couldn't have made better :)

When we got there we went straight to the JDRF table to pick up our tickets. We were in section 107, row 24...and I was in seat 4 :D In case you know the Oakland A's stadium now you know exactly where my cute lil diabetic butt was parked during the game. Next time you go there you can go and take a pic with it and say that "J has sat here before" and then squeal with delight.

Moving on...
We were shown where to go to see a short presentation which was maybe 10 minutes long. Then they showed the video on the JDRF website with none other than Nicholas Jonas in it, of course. Needless to say, me and two girls behind me squealed.....even though I KNEW it was coming! Oh well, what can i say? I'm a Jonatic and it's OK :) (go right here the video I'm talking about is on the right :) ) Most moms in the room were crying after the video was over and I almost wanted to, as well, but I'm not really a crier so I didn't...

I liked the video. No, not just because Nick was in it. Because it was informative but short, and most importantly, it was real! It was not too "sob story-ish" but at the same time it also wasn't playing diabetes down, like it's something that's totally easy to live with.

I had no idea HOW great and well done this video actually was until someone in my family came up to me and said, "I'm glad they showed that! I had no idea just HOW much work you put into just staying alive every day. I'm proud of you!" and all I could think of was...thanks Nick! Isn't it amazing how much awareness can be raised with a 5 or so minute video?

We grabbed our shirts and goody bags :) and headed upstairs to the Root Beer Float Mug day....A's players and local celebrities were serving root beer floats and signing stuff. I just made sure I saw each player up close and then we left to grab food and find our seats. :) It was just too crowded. While upstairs though I had to go to the bathroom (remember from part 1, I was high all morning).

Now as much as you would probably prefer me to skip right to what I had for lunch or I don't know how the game ended...I'm gonna take you on a trip to the restroom with me. Yup!

I pushed open the door and walked in & got in line (that's how you know you're in the right restroom...if there is NO line that means there is something wrong: you either are in the men's room, or there's a fire somewhere in the building and you did not get the memo!).

I'm usually day dreaming in the restroom bc I honestly don't care what other people do in there but I looked around and I saw people changing infusion sets, pricking fingers, taking shots everywhere! I was like, WHOA! hold on a second. Culture shock!'s mi gente! :) LOL While I was in the stall I heard random numbers being called out .

Kid "mom I'm 99"
My head: yay! go kiddo!

another kid: "uh oh! I'm 299"
my head: *cringe*

woman "hold still honey, where do you want your shot"
my head "so many choices...NOT!"

I felt oddly comfortable in there. Yeah I just said that and yes, I do realize we are still in a restroom at the Oakland Coliseum.


We had finally gotten some food and found our seats. I was in the 150's and happy as can be that I had gotten my numbers down just in time for the game. I had three hot dogs and a diet Dr Pepper. About an hour and a half into the game I started feeling weird...almost like I was going low but I wasn't sure so I checked and clocked in at 220....well that wasn't how we'd rehearsed it , Big D! I was kinda mad , too because I was supposed to have some ice cream! The game and a super sweet d-mom behind me kept my spirits up though. I kept rechecking ever 30 mins or
so and as you could see from Part 1 I kept hovering between the 190's and 230's. After a while I just figured, alright cool. That's how it's gonna be. I never did have my ice cream, though :( and YES. I am still bummed about that! LOL

Once again, "Being in one place with so many other diabetics and parents of CWD at the JDRF Kickoff had an incredible impact on me. I really AM NOT alone!" I posted that on FB and Twitter and even on yesterday's post (part 1). It was so weird to see that 'my normal' that is usually so different wa

James "Dog" H. Kelley


Given nickname "Dog" because he cared for Custer's dogs when he served under him.
The Dodge City Daily Globe, Sept. 10, 1912, Pg. 1,
Vol. 1, No. 235

Built the Opera House Here in 1886--
Lost His Property in the Panic
of the 80's--Services in Indian Cam-
paigns Won Him A Home At Fort
Dodge For Last Years.
The funeral of James H. Kelly, one of the frontier men of Kansas and one of the pioneers of Dodge, was held at Fort Dodge yesterday afternoon. The old timer died Sunday night, having been a sufferer through the summer from tuberculosis. He was 79 years old and had lived in Dodge forty years, having come here in 1872. A number of old timers attended the funeral from Dodge: A. Gluck, Brick Bond, A. J. Anthony, Mike Sutton, H. B. Bell, Frank Chapman, T. J. Schall, Lou Madison, John Madden, Stuart Sutton, Heimie Schmidt.
The service was held in the Fort church, Chaplain Crouch officiating. Burial was in the Fort Dodge cemetery. None of Mr. Kelly's relatives were present at the funeral. It is not known that he had any except one daughter, Irene, and she has been away from Dodge for several years. It is probable that even her father did not know her address.
In the early days in Dodge City, "Jim" Kelly was one of the central figures and in the western pariance, was a good man to "tie to". He was open-hearted and generous, optimistic and friendly. Whatever he had that a friend needed that friend always received. His generosity kept him from wealth and a panic finally robbed him of his property. His help aided through the hard times many of the men who are now substantial business men in the western country.
He had been a scout under Custer, serving several years on the frontier. It was that service that secured him a home at Fort Dodge, a special bill being introduced several years ago to reward the frontiersmen for his service as scout. He had settled at Fort Hays after the Indian wars and his house, brought overland, was one of the first habitations in Dodge City. Several years ago at a reunion here Joe Waters, of Topeka, read an original poem on "Jim Kelly and His Dog."
Kelly was the second mayor of Dodge, following George Hoover. He built the opera house in '86 and controlled it for a number of years until he sold it to A. Gluck. He was in the restaurant business for a number of years and made real estate investments that brought him a good income. He lost his holdings in the panic of the later '80's.
When he was elected mayor he appointed Ed Masterson, a brother of Bat, marshal and he was killed while in discharge of his duty. Kelly was a great lover of sports. In his day it was popular for every man to have a bunch of hounds and Kelly had some Russian hounds that he had imported that were winners at all the coursing meets which took the place of horse races in those days.
Attired in a suit of white corduroy and mounted on his big white horse he was a figure not soon to be forgotten. In his later days he was in the habit of relating that he had caught antelope with his hounds where the third ward school now stands.
Several months ago the Santa Fe Magazine contained a historical review of Dodge and among the anecdotes was one of Jim Kelly and his bear. It was as follows: Old Jim Kelly had a tame bear named Paddy. Now Paddy was something of the town pet, although the boys were in the habit of tormenting the poor brute now and then. One morning after enduring an uncommon lot of persecution, Paddy ran into the Dodge house, then the leading hotel looking for protection. It happened that one of the downstairs guest rooms was occupied by a traveling man just from the east. Having retired late the night before he was still asleep, and as the weather was warm, his door stood ajar. Into the room rushed Paddy who sought refuge under the bed. For a time all was silent except for the snoring of the tired wayfarer.
Finding he no longer was pursued the bear finally began to feel uncomfortable, as there was none to much room between the bed slats and the floor. While bruin was changing his position the bed, mattress, traveling man, slats springs, and all began to heave wildly about, which, of course, brought the slumberer to his senses.
Hastily peering under the bed, he saw two fiery eyes glaring at him. Paddy, thinking perhaps his tormentors had come, dared to growl. It is useless to picture this man's thoughts. The next instant the hotel clerk heard a loud yell, and a white apparition shot through the door and out of doors. Clad only in a night shirt, the scared knight of the grip sprinted the entire length of Front street, not stopping until he reached the depot. Here Dirty Face Jones and Prairie Dog Dave rounded him up and after convi

dog t shirts big brother

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