Baby Shock Watch : Blood Pressure Wrist Watches.

Baby Shock Watch

baby shock watch

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Casio say:

"There's a reason why they call G-Shock the toughest watch in the world and these are just some of the many examples. Mud & Shock Resistant, 200M WR, Super Dual Illuminator and 48-city world time...the mission is on.

The CASIO G Shock Series of watches is one of the toughest in the world. Each watch is drop tested, vibration tested and water resistance tested to make sure that it will survive most active lives.

This CASIO G Shock Mudman Watch has red looks, Dual Illuminators for better visibility at night and is water, shock and mud resistant. It is the perfect companion for the men who likes to get down and dirty."

Anyway...decided to grab the closest thing I could find...throw together a quick lighting setup (SB-80dx bounced of the ceiling at full power) to test out my new NIKON D300s. And I must say...I LOOOOOVE IT.

And yes the watch is a little grubby, but well I am a man who likes to get a little "down and dirty"! :)

Nikon D300s - 50mm, F1.8, 1/250th, ISO200

Baby sea bird!

Baby sea bird!

I have been watching this cute thing for about a month now. I have no idea how long the baby is in the egg before it hatches though. The mom (above) has been sitting on this egg day and night and seemed to never leave.

There was no nest - simply one egg lying on a branch that the mother sat on. The branch was low so I was able to walk up ever so often. The mother never even moved as I got as close as six inches. Today I was shocked to drive up and see the mother gone. Instead I had this thing chirping down at me. I took a few shots and came back about an hour later to take the shot above. The mother is actually sitting on top of the baby.

baby shock watch

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