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The history of photo manipulation : Wooden photo frames uk.

The History Of Photo Manipulation

the history of photo manipulation

    photo manipulation
  • Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.

    history of
  • heres a brief explanation of the word *** and how it can be used in everyday life. enjoy!

  • ecology | evolutionary biology | geography | model organisms | molecular biology | paleontology

Gettysburg Farm and Cornfield, Pennsylvania - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting: Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2007 USA

Gettysburg Farm and Cornfield, Pennsylvania - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting: Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2007 USA

Found: World changing events with long-lasting effects can march right into your own back yard. Then and now.

I love this farm, but it is hard to imagine that peace-and-quiet turned upside down into a totally unbearable tumult that sets one to fleeing one's home for one's skin. Peace and quiet has once again become the order of the day, here, as you see. Civil War is a terrible thing and it occurs when people of the same nationality cease to be like-minded to an irreconcilable degree, cease speaking, and take actions intolerable to one another. This was our second Civil War. The Old Nation lost the first one to a New Nation that slipped through their fingers. The New Nation won the second one in order to not become a third Nation. Of course, I am speaking of the Revolutionary War as a civil war. A nation was split against itself. A new and more meaningful identity was created. To not see it as a Revolutionary War, however, is to not witness history. The second Civil War is the one we refer to as "The Civil War" and the conflict ended in an "undivided" and "indivisible" united nation. From here on "We the People" are bound and determined to solve our internal problems via our Constitutional channels and outlets.

We are at a point, now, where we are seeing a new development, however. Corporations (made up of boards, elected CEO's, other officers, and stockholders, (all of whom have limited liability) not only in one nation but in many nations are making decisions and influencing changes which to a large degree are taking place with disregard to borders, language, and culture (to use Michael Savage's favorite three national-defining criteria). A new morality is being brought into question. Is it right for corporations with the influence and power at or above the levels of nations to make world changing events with long-lasting effects not for the common welfare of citizens but for the unrelenting desire for growth and wealth of the corporate entity? Is profit alone a justifiable decision-making tool or has the goal replaced any concern for the means? Are we to lose Constitutional rights as citizens to the Corporational Rights of incorporated businesses and the increasingly small number of people in increasingly powerful positions who can make decisions without regard to allegiance to nationality? If so, we are on the verge of "something completely different" as Monte Python says it. And what do the common citizens have to worry about? The same old concern. It is no different than any other time in history. Tyranny is ever a threatening enemy. "Don't tread on me!" will be heard once again, and the constitution will be ammended in someway, I suppose. But will it be in the interest of "We the People" or will it be in the interest of "We the Corporations?" If we "wait it out" who benefits? I am a subject and a ruler of my country. Who are these corporations answering to and subject to? And do we want a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" to give us lip service while really and truly serving corporate interests?

I know, I know, -- "Nice Shot!." "Great Capture!", but pictures make us think, too.

Sunflower, North Dakota - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting : Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2007 USA

Sunflower, North Dakota - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting : Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2007 USA

View "Large" or "Original"
Found: Compositae. Composites or Asters are to the plant kingdom what man is to the animal kingdom. Theoretically man is considered the most advanced genus and species in the evolutionary history of animals. If one were to look for the evolutionary equivalent for the plant kingdom, one would have to consider this genus and its many species. At first glance one would call this a flower. The name sunflower says it is. But you would we mistaken. A composite is not "A" flower but a single plant consisting of many flowers. Each petal or floret is in fact a flower with its own complex of pistol and stamen. It is more highly evolved in the sense that it is something like a colony of flowers living in one large Archopolis, so to speak, of flowers. Whether one knows such things or not does not detract or add to their beauty. Holding such flowers below a child's chin to see if he or she loves butter makes the plant a tradtional favorite of children. Adolescents use it as a form of divination to see if one is loved by another in the "she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not" method which is far more dramatic and suspensful than tossing a coin to see if one has another's love. It would be amusing to see a football game begin with the referee calling the two captains of the teams forward and plucking the petals or florets one at a time to see who will kick and who will receive. Personally, it is a favorite of mine, as I eat a bag or two of sunflower seeds each week. I am mad about the color yellow. Van Gogh shared in this madness for yellow and sunflowers as well. He, however, chose to determine the love of another by plucking his ear. He should have stuck to sunflowers.

the history of photo manipulation

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