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Baby Monitors Online

baby monitors online

    baby monitors
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Final Stroller Story Segment

Final Stroller Story Segment

Sometime in mid-April, I was browsing Craigslist and found a black
Bugaboo Bee. After many hours of mental anguish and three blog posts,
here was the nimble little stroller of my space-saving dreams.

Not only was it a big savings, but the Bee had maybe been used twice.
Plus, I received quite a few accessories to go along with it - a red
nest, a pink fleece blanket, the car seat adaptor and a really fancy
baby monitor, which I gave to my mom. Her house is much larger than

When we met Abby at a Starbucks for the pick up, I was quite nervous
about having the cash in hand. She laughed when I told her to just
take the money. I guess it felt like a drug deal. But to me, after
living in downtown DC, I'm always super-paranoid that a person will
tackle me from across the room and take my money. Nothing like this
has ever happened to me, but I guess that's what I get for susbcribing
to the DC Text Alerts. I receive countless robbery fears from all over
the city, except for the two recent events on my block that I was
actually interested in.

Not only did we save a lot of money, we learned way more about the
stroller than if I had ordered it online or bought it in a store. She
explained that if there is something white on the stroller, then it
has a purpose. I never knew that despite my extensive research. Plus
she showed us how to open and close it, reverse the seat and more.

We returned home with the stroller in hand. I had a crate in the
bottom of the closet, which I planned to move to the studio to make
room for the stroller. I really wanted to leave it in the common area
hallway closet, right next to my grandma cart. Henry told me that I
could not. But as my clean up progressed, I opened up the closet and
tucked it in. It totally fit! Even though I still hadn't successfully
opened and closed it on my own, it fit perfectly in the bottom of my
full coat closet.

What, you may be wondering, am I doing in this picture? Well, this is
THE allocated space for my stroller. But in a surprise twist of fate,
aka our recent baby shower, the stroller now lives on a hook on the
back side of the closet door. (Thank you, Ike and Laura!)

When I registered for the stroller hook, I secretly still wanted to
hang it in the hallway. I never imagined that it would fit on the door
hanger in our closet. But we tested it out on a whim and it did.

Of course, there is quite a bit of resistance closing the door since
the closet is also full of coats. So Henry gave me a flashlight and I
scooted back into the emptied space. I wanted to make sure the foot
rest wasn't pressing against the shelving. All clear!

So now there is room for the car seat, too. No fears of placing a baby
on a hot car seat. I never would have imagined.

On the opening/closing front, I finally did it! I switched feet. When
I was younger, I was never able to balance on my left foot while ice
or roller skating. I would just sort of drag my leg along as my
friends twirled around in front of me. Seems this skill is also
related to my ability to balance while using my foot to open and
collapse the stroller. I took a stab with my left foot instead, and
voila! Open at last!

Dy 159

Dy 159

Damn. I keep falling behind. I will not fall behind again. I will not fall behind again. Hmmm. It's not the same as writing it on the chalkboard as a kid. The chalkboard didn't have copy and paste. In my defense, I have been a bit busy.

I decided to set up a home base; a workstation. Before, my workstation was at our dining room table with cables everywhere for us to trip on. So, I decided to tidy it up a bit. The other screen is from my PC. It's quite a bit lower resolution than my Mac. Someday I will have a large external monitor. See notes for descriptions.

baby monitors online

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