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Baby Trend Sit And Stand Stroller Lx

baby trend sit and stand stroller lx

  • A chair on wheels, typically folding, in which a baby or young child can be pushed along

  • A person taking a leisurely walk

  • Baby transport (or child carrier, stroller, perambulator or baby carrier) consists of devices for transporting and carrying infants. A "child carrier" or "baby carrier" is a device used to carry an infant or small child on the body of an adult.

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baby trend sit and stand stroller lx - Baby Trend

Baby Trend Sit 'n Stand Double Baby Stroller - Sonic

Baby Trend Sit 'n Stand Double Baby Stroller - Sonic

Sit N Stand Double accommodates two Baby Trend Infant car seats. Younger child in front while an older child can sit or stand in the rear. Sit N Stand Double has a large basket, two full size canopies, foot activated rear brake, and 5-point child restraint safety harness. Convenient one hand fold system is fast and easy to use. Covered parent tray w/ two cup holders, and removable /swing away child trays can rotate to accept two infant car seats. This unit accepts two Baby Trend infant car seats.

88% (7)

Standing out

Standing out

Standing out

baby trend sit and stand stroller lx

baby trend sit and stand stroller lx

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Single DX stroller-Baltic - SS74701

Shop for Strollers from! Your little one will love the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Single DX Stroller - Baltic. This versatile stroller allows baby to sit or stand securely so he can comfortably ride or play on your daily walks. Durably constructed of lightweight plastic the Sit N Stand stroller features a five-point safety harness and a foot-activated rear brake for total comfort and security. With cup holders covered pockets and compartments and a large storage basket this handy stroller is intuitively designed for moms on the go. It quickly folds down for compact travel and storage and also features a swing-away kids' tray with a bonus cup holder. The kids' tray also conveniently fits an infant car seat for additional flexibility and is compatible with most major car seat brands including Baby Trend Graco Evenflo and Britax. The Baltic line is designed in neutral stain-resistant charcoal and red and is suitable for infants up to 40lbs. About Baby TrendFor over two decades Baby Trend has been developing innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of modern parents. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of juvenile products the company's goal is to provide reliable products at an affordable price. From the Snap N Go stroller to the Diaper Champ Baby Trend's revolutionary designs are celebrated by busy parents everywhere. Based in Ontario California Baby Trend protects your children with car seats and other products that exceed federally regulated safety standards.

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