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My 3 week old baby has a cold - Cute baby clothes online.

My 3 Week Old Baby Has A Cold

my 3 week old baby has a cold

    3 week
  • (3 weeks) The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim (Hebrew: ??? ??????, "Between the " cf "In Dire Straits") is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples.

    has a
  • means that the Class in question 'has a' field of a type.

  • In database design and object oriented program architecture, has-a is a relationship where one object (often called the composited object) "belongs" to (is a part or member of) another object (called the composite type), and behaves according to the rules of ownership.

  • The relationship between an object and another object that has referenced it

  • having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration; "a cold climate"; "a cold room"; "dinner has gotten cold"; "cold fingers"; "if you are cold, turn up the heat"; "a cold beer"

  • coldness: the absence of heat; "the coldness made our breath visible"; "come in out of the cold"; "cold is a vasoconstrictor"

  • Completely; entirely

  • a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs); "will they never find a cure for the common cold?"

my 3 week old baby has a cold - 3 Weeks

3 Weeks to Startup

3 Weeks to Startup

Fast-Track Your Success
Three weeks? Can you really start a business in three weeks?
Yes, you can.
Tim Berry, business planning expert and principal author of Business Plan Pro, the country's bestselling business plan software, and Sabrina Parsons, co-founder of Palo Alto Software UK, unveil a new, more innovative business landscape and show you how to streamline your startup using the fastest resource in the world-the internet.
Eliminate the exhausting, time-consuming legwork involved in traditional startup plans, and instead fast track your business using a wealth of online tools and services. Berry and Parsons help you build your business step by step, including establishing your business plan, making your business legal, financing your venture, hiring your staff and more-using online tools and resources at every stage.
Discover how easy it is to reach your dream of opening your own business faster than you ever thought possible. Let the countdown begin-you're just 3 weeks away from opening the doors to your new business!

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my favourite things........

my favourite things........

A very long and random list of my favourite things, and why......

1. I played guitar when I was a moody teenager, but hadn't played for ages anymore, when my husband bought me this absolutely amazing sounding beauty....... now I play guitar again :)
2. Gold necklace with amethyst hanger passed on to me from my aunt ( dad's sis ) When I was 14, I had a Summer-job at the hospital my aunt worked for and I stayed at her place in Amsterdam. My aunt lived alone.... she and I settled down behind the TV each evening, with 4 chocolate desserts as dinner, to watch sad movies.
3. Gold ring with alexandrite stone, passed on from my nan ( mum's mum ). I have been told it used to fascinate me as a baby when my nan wore it......... it still does ! It changes colour from red to purple to blue to green.....fascinating !
4. Jug belonged to my grandad ( mum's dad ). I remember him washing and rinsing my hair, when I was small, with cold water he used to get with that jug, from the rainbarrel in the backyard. I used to love how the jug made gurgling sounds, while grandad poured.
5. Gold bracelet passed on from my stepgrandmother ( dad's stepmum ). I remember her as a fragile, greyhaired old Indonesian lady, shucking rice, by tossing it with this big round tray and blowing the shucks out, in mid-air. She would do this, dressed in sarong, amidst the tulips in her Dutch frontgarden :)
6. Gold weddingring passed on to me from my great-grandmother ( mum's nan ). She died when I was only 1 year old and for a while I thought I had no memory of her, untill I saw a photo of her long grey hair, rolled into a bun and fixed with 2 knittingneedles...... I remember looking up at those two knittingneedles bobbing around above my head !
7. My dad recently gave me his gold ring. It has been in his family, passed from father to son, as far back as the family can be traced. It's a thick gold band decorated with 8 detailed silver and blue (?) symbols. My dad has given me some reference books and I am now busy trying to unravel the meaning of the symbols..... I love the ring, a message from my ancestors !
8. Half a year after a wonderful guy and I fell in love, we bought each other a simple, cheap silver ring, to confirm our love to the 'world outside'. Twelve years later, when we finally decided it was safe to get married, we just couldn't replace our rings for bright new gold ones, so that simple, thin, cheap, worndown, silver ring, is my weddingring :)
9. A gold chain, with a gold hanger with blue stone (possibly Topaz). The hanger was once part of a pair of earrings, gandad gave to nan for their wedding. Nan split them and gave, one each as hanger, to her 2 daughters, for their weddings. My mum gave it to me for my wedding..... something blue !
10. Teddy was a present from my mum and dad, for my first birthday, and has been my very best friend as long as I can remember :)
11. Poekie-bear ! A few years ago my daughter was in a car-crash and I spent day in, day out at her bedside in the hospital, for weeks on end. I must of been exhausted, as now and then, I'm sure I saw this teddybear, behind the window of the hospital giftshop, wave at me as I passed by. I never mentioned it to anyone. One day my mum came to visit my daughter, passed the giftshop..... then went back and bought me this bear, because, she said; "I saw him wave at you !"
12. A collection of some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen, a gift from the fotographer.
It , to me, also represents my camera which, for obvious reasons, is not on this photo, but would still be laying in a drawer, were it not for his question "If you have a camera, why aren't you taking photos with it" ?

pepper and cheyenne on my bed

pepper and cheyenne on my bed

pepper and cheyenne on my bed(my spoiled babies)
Cheyenne is rescued from her previous owners that kept her in a garage for 2 years, she is only 2 years old, and they was going to take her to the humane society, and i told him "no you won't, i will" and he said that "i will take her to the humane society weather you like it or not, and on top of that, she will not like you, period." and i told him "i will tell them what you did to her for the 1st 2 years of her life, keeping her locked up in the garage for 2 years, not letting her run to play, and i bet that she will like her new home, rather than having her being in a cold, cemented floor garage with nothing to do beside staring at the 4 walls"
So he thought about that and he said " fine, take her home, i rather let her have a new home beside getting charged for cruelty to animal, but don't come back to me and tell me that she bit you or what, not my fault, you took her in and i didn't ask you to take her in your home."
I was happy and i took her in a new home she was kinda nervous at 1st and when i go to my room, she will follow me, same way as i go to the kitchen, she follows, after a few days she gotten used to her new home as well as used to me, took her for a walk thru the woods, she loves that, as well as playing in the yard with pepper.
After a few weeks, she just LOVES her new master, i spoiled her badly, and as you can see in the photo, she is EXTREMELY happy to be in a nice warm cozy house, instead of the cold garage, and yes she is housebroken.
She is skiddish around new people and will not get close to anyone but me and if i am there with a guest, she will come close and check the guest out a little, then runs away for a little bit then howls for a few, and she does bare teeth and raises her back fur at anyone get close to her but me, so she is part wolf part husky.
We had 7 inches of snow one day, i opened the door and cheyenne ran right outside and runs all over the backyard like she never ran before, she jumps and dives in the softest snowpile, i can tell that she love the snow.
I took a lot of pics and took cheyenne back to her previous owner and showed him that she is happy to be with me than you and i handed him the photos and he went thru all the pics i took of her, and he was speechless, handed me the photos back, and i asked him" now you want to call her and see if she comes to you now?"
after 3 attempts of calling her to go to him, she stood behind me and whined a little, telling me that she does not want to stay with him, i looked at him and said" well, look like you lost the bet, she just got a new best friend and that is me." as i walked back to my van, opened the door and cheyenne jumped in and we drove off, leaving the man with nothing, but a HUGE loss.

my 3 week old baby has a cold

my 3 week old baby has a cold

Push Has Come to Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve--Even If It Means Picking a Fight

“Have you been to a school lately? Have you sat through the six hours and forty-five minutes of excruciating tedium we send our kids to every day? When we ask our kids, “What’d you do in school today?” and they mumble, “Nothin’,” they’re telling the truth.”

Steve Perry is like no other educator you’ve ever met. He “gets it.” He understands why some parents are downright panicked about what’s going on in their kids’ classrooms, and how other parents, whose kids supposedly attend the “good” schools, still fear that their children are falling behind. As Principal of one of the best performing schools in America -- one that sends 100% of its mostly minority students to four-year colleges -- Perry delights in poking the system. Present him with a “truth” about how education is supposed to work and – count on it – he’ll show it to be false.

Dictatorial teacher’s unions despise Steve Perry. So do lazy teachers. So do entrenched, unimaginative school boards. So do reactionary “curriculum guardians” who – as a lure to get kids reading – cling to the same old stodgy texts.

“That’s okay,” say Perry. That means he’s making a difference. In this book, his priority is to help kids who don’t have the advantage of going to his school, Capital Prep. He wants to save your kid, and the kid next door, and the kid down the street from getting a typical third-rate American education.

If you’re a parent who has worried recently about how depressed your child seems when he dresses for school in the morning…or how little of what happens during the school day seems to sink into her brain… or how much of your child’s homework is busywork, you need this book.

If you’re a teacher who is putting your heart and soul into the job but are surrounded by colleagues who are “phoning it in,” you need this book.

If you’re a committed, forward-thinking principal who wants to get rid of the faculty bad apples, but are continually stymied by Mafia-style teachers-unions, you need this book.

*If you’re a citizen who worries about the $1 trillion-plus GDP loss that America suffers every year because our system of education doesn’t measure up, you need this book.

In this solution-oriented manifesto, Steve Perry covers the full range of issues holding back today’s students. He shows parents how to find great teachers (and get rid of the bad ones)…how to make readers out of kids who hate to read…how to make the school curriculum thrilling rather than sleep-inducing…how to conduct an all-important education “home audit”… how to “e-organize” if school boards and administrators aren’t getting the message…how to build a “school of the future,” and much more.

The era of third-rate education is over. Steve Perry isn’t going to let the fools and scoundrels get away with it any longer. Push has come to shove!

Guest Reviewer: Steve Harvey on Push Has Come to Shove

Steve Harvey began doing stand-up comedy in the mid-1980s, and has become one of today’s most multi-faceted entertainers as a radio personality, actor, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and TV host. His bestselling books include Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser. Harvey hosts the annual Hoodie Awards honoring community business and leaders, and he also mentors youth through the Steve Harvey Foundation.
Take it from a guy who knows what it’s like to work a lot of gigs: Dr. Steve Perry, who divides his time between being the planet’s most effective school principal and a shake-up-people’s-thinking contributor to CNN, is the hardest-working man in the education biz. And that’s damn lucky for the thousands of kids who, because of Perry’s “serious as a heart attack” approach to education, are now heading off to four-year colleges rather than talking trash on street corners. It’s lucky, too, for parents who get to read this amazing book. The title, Push Has Come to Shove, is pure Perry-- and so are the big fat water balloons Perry aims at the education system’s many culprits. But Perry isn’t just a funny-as-hell, fed-up-and-tired-of-excuses dude giving “don’t know jack” teacher’s-union goons, lazy teachers, and political hacks well deserved kicks in the pants, the man has real solutions. He lays it all out here: how to get your kid better teachers, a better curriculum, and a better future. I love Steve’s impatience: he doesn’t want any of us to be putting up one more day with what we’ve been putting up with. He wants your kid turned on right now to the idea of being smarter. It’s about time someone inside the education system pulled back the curtain on what’s lacking, so the common man can help his children get an exceptional education.
--Steve Harvey

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