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Free quilt patterns for babies. Boy blue baby bedding. Baby weight growth chart

Free Quilt Patterns For Babies

free quilt patterns for babies

    for babies
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About the Quilt...

About the Quilt...

I took my first quilting class back in November from an awesome woman named Daphne. I learned so much from her! We used Daphne's "No Match Patch Quilt" pattern to make the quilts. This pattern is just FANTASTIC for beginners! I really enjoyed making this "scrappy" quilt.

Because I was so busy, I opted to buy a fat quarter bundle that was at the quilt shop instead of putting together a FQ bundle myself. The top of the quilt is a mix of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 1 & 2 fabric lines. The peach fabric with lavender polka dots is a Kaffe Fassett. The backing is made from one of my favorite prints. It's from Erin McMorris' Urban Gardens line. I was so excited to find the print at the quilt shop, I bought up the last couple yards that were left on the bolt. Not sure about the fabric that I used for the binding. Carol, at the quilt shop, brought out a few prints she thought would be nice as binding. I chose this one. I just liked that it was a rich, cheery yellow that added a "spring" touch to the quilt. As a sestion from the quilting ladies at the sewing machine shop, I used King Tut Superior thread for the top of the quilt and Bottom Line thread in my bobbin. It worked fabulously. :)

I have to say, quilting the darn quilt was *the* most difficult and frustrating thing for me--even more so than marking up the quilt with blue painters tape! ha ha ha! Now I know why people have long arms or sewing machines with lots of throat space! I can't tell you how many times I ripped seams because of puckering. I finally asked Amanda (mrsmcporkchop) about what to do and she sested more safety pins. Yay! That really helped! :)

I binded the quilt by hand. I need to learn to relax. My hands sweat a lot when I'm trying to be too perfect. My mom is such a very neat sewer and I wanted to make sure my stitching was just right (though she's such a mom--she really wouldn't care and would love it no matter what). Gaaaah...sweaty hands...I swear I turned the color of the binding gray in some areas! ha ha ha! I do need a lot of work on binding those mitered corners.

I now see why so many people love quilting. I love, love piecing the quilt. I love feeling, and gazing at the fabric. I love putting putting the blocks together. I love hand sewing. I love when it all comes together and I can hug the finished piece!!! (yeah, I'm weird) I'm hooked! :) I can't wait to sew another one.

Daphne's No Match Patch Quilt really was a great quilt to sew for the first time quilter! :) Thank you Daphne!!! :) She's right--you just can't put a price on the love and time you put into a quilt. It is like a baby! :) I definitely put a lot of love into this quilt. Oh...and most importantly, I'm glad to say, my mom loved the quilt!!! :) Yay!!! :)

As soon as I can take some decent pictures, I'll share photos of a work in progress from my first sashiko class!!! For some reason, taking pictures of those sashiko squares is not so easy. :P

For Erica's First

For Erica's First

My cousin Erica is expecting her first child. This is the quilt I made for baby.

I used only fabrics I had in my stash. The batting is a bit of a thrifted flannel sheet, making it warm but not terribly so as they live in a warm southern climate.

Quilted with yellow thread in a free-motion "pattern."

It's a dark, rainy day here and the flash didn't really do the quilt any justice.

free quilt patterns for babies

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