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Baby Christening Invites. Decorated Baby Rooms.

Baby Christening Invites

baby christening invites

  • giving a Christian name at baptism

  • The Christian sacrament at which someone, usually a child, is baptized and given a Christian name; Any instance of someone's or something's being christened

  • Give (a baby) a Christian name at baptism as a sign of admission to a Christian Church

  • Give to (someone or something) a name that reflects a notable quality or characteristic

  • The term used in the Anglican church for the ceremony of baptizing and naming a child.

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  • A young or newly born animal

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  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

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Secret 14 ~ I HATE Monopoly!

Secret 14 ~ I HATE Monopoly!

Wade & I were invited to our friend's house tonight as they have just bought a new monopoly bored and asked us if we would like to help us christen it. Of course, we said YES. I was excited!
Before we go any further may I please tell you that I really do HATE monopoly. It is an endless, tiring game that turns you into a crazy real estate tyrant. But maybe that's just me.
So we rock up at our friend's house and get into it. 2 and a half hours later...
I am broke no real estate and me being a cranky pants. I HATE monopoly.
At least we all got a good laugh at my baby hissy fit!

ABove: My first rent payment.... before things went sour :-P

Pink Showcase

Pink Showcase

Items featured:- Top Row from left to right: Pink Hand Print Kids Party Invite, Baby Girl Baptism Invitation, Spotlight and Stars Kids Party Invite. Middle Row from left to right: Pink Celtic Cross Baptism Invitation, Charming Kids Party Invite, Paint Splodges Kids Party Invite. Bottom Row from left to right: Vibrant Child's Party Invite, Kids Party Invite with Stars and Spots, Pink Gingham Edged Baptism Invitation.

baby christening invites

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