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Baby Mel Bags

baby mel bags

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baby mel bags - Baby Mel

Baby Mel X2 Two-in-One - Black/Red (Closeout)

Baby Mel X2 Two-in-One - Black/Red (Closeout)

Baby Mel X2 Two-in-One - Black/Red Having twins... Second baby on the way..Introducing a brand new concept from Babymel- The Babymel X2 is a bag for people with more than one child or twins.Comprising of two separate bags which can be clipped together or separated as needed.The Babymel X2 is equipped with:-two separate bags which clip together-two adjustable strollerstraps-two insulated zip bottle pockets-two changing mats-wipe clean lining-internal elasticated pockets for organization-Dimensions: H 10in W 17in D 5in

85% (6)

IMG 0692

IMG 0692

Sometimes life imitates art. In this case... it's doing a good impersonation of both Mad Max and Spaceballs. Mad Max for the fuel shortages, and Spaceballs for the panic hitting ludicrous speed. Here we are almost 3 weeks after a Hurricane that didn't even hit us has blown through and fizzled out, yet the Charlotte and Atlanta metro areas are seeing major fuel shortages. Most gas stations around here are like this one... bags over the pumps, and the pumps turned off... but on the rare occasion that you can find one that DOES have fuel, it'll be a 30 minute wait to get it, as cars are backed up into the street. And WHY, you ask.... because people are morons. We Americans have become so goddamn scared of our own shadows that the slightest mention of a problem induces a panic and causes people to start hoarding. People that actually need gas can't get it because all of the nervous nellies with nothing better to do than wait in a line top off their tank every time they pass a station with gas.

And still we sit, waiting. We've heard the rallying cries from the republicans of "Drill baby Drill"... but that's not the issue right now. Our problem is that we have no infrastructure in place once we drill that oil up from the ground to ensure it gets to us in a usable form. We're not handcuffed by a dependence on foreign oil.... we're handcuffed by a dependence on Texas gasoline.

Pardon the rant... it has been welling up for the past week as I drive past station after station with either bags on the pumps or lines into the streets. I'm trying to stay calm and not too annoyed or nervous about the situation... but the first time I see Mel GIbson riding around town... THEN it's gonna hit the fan!

PhotonQ- I' m Sugar Free

PhotonQ- I' m Sugar Free

This is what happen when you get me a bag full of little toys at a restaurant, hoping I will not open it right away but latter. The table become a playground, people wonder what' s happening with balloons flying over and the waitress don t know where to put the food on the table =) And this is fun, cool, natural and should be encourage in every restaurant !!! O=)

Sugar Free... for the baby !

We took it at Maison Marais, a GREAT Korean food restaurant, not far from Notre Dame.
Had a great afternoon, like always =) Merci =)

baby mel bags

baby mel bags

Babymel Big Slouchy Diaper Bag,Twisted Black,One Size

The Slouchy is a brand new style for Spring Summer 11, featuring a simple modern shape, original print and shiny laminated canvas material. The Slouchy is equipped with: * An insulated bottle holder * Changing mat made from the same outer material as the bag * Four outer pockets * Two inner pockets * Zipped pocket to keep valuables * Wipe clean and water resistant lining * Wipe clean outer printed fabric * Patent pending strollerstrap * Signature Babymel heart key charm * Dimensions: H 17 1/2in W 13in D 6in

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