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Quilt as you go baby quilt - Baby alive sip n slurp birthday doll.

Quilt As You Go Baby Quilt

quilt as you go baby quilt

quilt as you go baby quilt - Reversible Quilts

Reversible Quilts

Reversible Quilts

Discover an unexpected "two-for-one" twist in these beautiful quilts! Create an exciting design on the front side and a completely different design on the back side. Plus, construction is quick and easy because these projects are quilted at the same time they are pieced.
• Choose from 10 gorgeous, two-sided quilts that are easy enough for beginners, yet flexible enough for lots of design possibilities
• Quilt projects in small segments and join with simple sashing strips--perfect if you're short on time or space
• Use this innovative technique with pieced and appliqued quilts
Double your quilting fun with Reversible Quilts!

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Happy Quilt

Happy Quilt

It took me the 2 weeks to find all the time to piece these 20 squares, and then, after I finished, I immediately took 4 of them apart because they were too dark/drab/bringing the whole thing down. I obsessed on the final order (this is not it) and then, as I was piecing the top, changed a bunch around, so there was minimal 4 corner matching up-ness. I now know from experience, that when a baby quilt is in use, and washed ten thousand times, you will never, ever, notice where things do not match up.

I love how this came together, but next top, I'll go in with more of a plan and less color choices.

I used all Kona precuts for this. Classic (leftovers from Ben's quilt) and Dusty palette charm squares, and Classic, Dusty and Dark palette roll ups.
To do it again, I would use Classic, Bright and Pastel, this is a quilt for a wee one, after all.
Also, I have a TON left over. Also, also, there is a surprising lack of oranges in the palettes I used, so I cut some from oranges I had in my stash.

Finished, this willl be approx. 40x50. Piecing the back begins tomorrow!

My quilt

My quilt

I worked on this quilt from summer 2000 to summer 2001 (or was it 2001 to 2002? I forget). It's one of the things I am most proud of. The pattern was in a magazine I had picked up, but they had repeating block designs and I wanted my blocks to all be completely different, no two the same.
Since making this quilt I am completely anal about my bed. No one can sit on it unless they put a (clean) afghan under their butt. I wash my sheets all the time (1 week - 2 weeks). Quilts can't be washed as much as a regular blanket (unless you want it to fall apart) so I do my best to keep it clean :)
Since this quilt I have made two others, both for babies. I haven't made more because although I loooooooove designing quilt tops (the baby quilts were both my own designs), picking out fabric and schemes, and also putting the tops together, I don't like the actual quilting of sewing the top to the bottom, or putting the binding on.

quilt as you go baby quilt

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