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Baby Mouse Book

baby mouse book

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baby mouse book - Disney's Mickey

Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Carryalong Treasury (Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Carryalong Treasury (Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy as they embark on four fun-filled adventures in this colorful Carryalong Treasury. Young readers will soar with the Sensational Six as they take a ride in a hot air balloon, go on an exciting road trip, plan a picnic, and more. Along the way, youngsters will learn about shapes, numbers, colors, and problem-solving, as prompts on every spread reinforce each learning concept. With a handle that’s perfect for little hands and a convenient snap closure, this sweet treasury can be carried along by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans wherever they are.

87% (6)

Mad Mouse Clock

Mad Mouse Clock

Illustration for ad featuring a picture of a mad alarm clock. The illustration was on the face of the clock, with the arms as the arms of the clock. This was the original illustration, which was scrapped because they feared it looked too much like that mouse from California.

Client: Riemler Agency
Art Director: Nancy Petkunas

Illustration © 2002 Bill Mayer

The smallest was put to bed first

The smallest was put to bed first

Illustration taken from "Fairyland Secrets". Written and illustrated by Willy Schermele. Published by Juvenile Productions Ltd, London.

baby mouse book

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