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Milk Quantity For Babies - Baby Dolls That Look And Feel Real - Baby Born Strollers.

Milk Quantity For Babies

milk quantity for babies

    for babies
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milk quantity for babies - Clear, Glass,

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Breastfeeding and Myths

Breastfeeding and Myths

Note : For the previous entry, KIV dulu la yer. Tengah tak ada mood nak baca buku panduan vaccination in Japan. Nanti laa I sambung...

Jom tengok gambar kat atas tu...
(1) & (4) Rafiqh in his walker - sekejap jer beli, dia dah master guna walker tu. Awal2 dulu, dia duduk kejap2 jer. But now, he already get used with it, seronok bukan main lagi, dah pandai kontrol, ke sana sini laju jer, habis dengan I pun dilanggarnya. Especially when he has aimed for something, fuhhh. Nasib baik dapur agak luas, so boleh laa bergerak bebas, nak masuk ruang tamu atau bilik lain tak boleh, sebab ada alang pintu(rumah jepun setiap ruang dipisahkan dengan pintu sorong tarik). Kasihan laa jugak tersangkut kat situ, tapi bagus jugak, tak laa dia terjah sesuka hati, hehehe. Hobi dia punggah segala apa yang tercapai dek tangan. Kalau time dia tengah "sibuk bekerja", diam jer, concentrate habis!

(2) Rafiqh in washing machine! - saja usik dia sebab dia suka sangat mandi, konon2 nak mandikan dalam tu, menjerit2 dia, takut kot, hahaha... Sekarang ni, everytime nak bagi makan dia kena tanggalkan baju dia, tinggal diapers jer, sebab dia dah pandai buka bib dia, dah tu suka sembur2 air pulak dah. Habis basah lencun baju, myLove kata "banjir2!", hahaha, tapi pandai pulak pilih nak sembur apa, air jer, foods tak sembur, hmmm. Kalau masuk toilet untuk tukar diapers pun, dia suka tepuk2 air, konon2 basuh tangan laa, habis basah baju lagi, haiyaaa, satu hari baju dia berhelai2, kerja menyalin jer!

(3) Rafiqh kena suntik - bulatan merah tu tempat kena cucuk hari tu.


Breastfeeding & mitos:

Dipanggil mitos kerana kepercayaan ini langsung tak berasas dan telah dibuktikan oleh sains bahawa ianya karut semata... Adakalanya mitos2 ini menjadi satu beban kepada mom-to-be and even mom pun, sebab ianya melemahkan semangat mereka untuk breastfeed. So, please, before you believed it, do a research, try to find out the truth! So, ni I senaraikan apa yang I pernah dengar dan terbaca, maybe ada banyak lagi...

1. Mommy tak datang haid sebab darah tu jadi susu - Eeiii geli tau! Actually, period ni it's depends on few factors such as hormone and etc. Kalau berminat nak tahu details, boleh tanya or google je laa! I malas nak described berjela2.

2. Menghalang pregnancy - Once dah datang haid, anytime you can pregnant! Right?!

3. If your mom failed to breastfeed, you have the posibility to fail too - Nope, basically, ALL women CAN breastfeed, unless she has health problems or she has no breasts!

4. Baby boy minum lebih dari girl - No, tiada bukti sains atau kajian menunjukkan kesahihannya. So jangan terpedaya kalau ada orang kata, "oh baby boy yer? minum banyak ni, mesti tak cukup susu kau, campur2 laa dengan formula milk" atau "oh baby girl ya? minum sikit2 jer ni, nanti cepat laa susu kau kering!" itu semua tipu semata!

5. If mommy do not breastfeed her baby in 24hours, susu tu akan BASI - hahaha, lawak sungguh. How could susu dalam badan boleh basi?! aiyaa, tak logik, tak logik!

6. Anak hanya boleh disusukan hingga usia 2tahun. Kalau more than 2 years, anak tu minum darah! - What?! Dalam Al-Quran disebutkan penyusuan 2tahun, itu adalah saranan, sebaik2nya 2tahun. Tapi bukanlah beerti 2tahun je, mesti stop. NO!

7. Right breast is rice and left is water - both breasts have exactly same function, so they produce SAME milk, no different at all ok!

8. Pregnant mommy should not breastfeed sebab susu tu kepunyaan anak yang dalam kandungan - NO! susu tu hak baby dalam kandungan hanya bila dia dah lahir! Dan tak salah pun kalau nak susukan 2@3 orang anak satu masa, dengan syarat susu memang cukup, and the youngest membesar dengan baik.

9. Breastfed baby tak akan sakit - diakui susu ibu adalah makanan terbaik bayi, lengkap segala mala nutrisi yang diperlukan, tapi ia bukanlah jaminan yang anak tu tak akan sakit langsung! Manusia biasa, akan sakit laa juga. Baby yang minum susu ibu bukan superman atau ultraman, hahaha...

10. When a baby or mommy is sick, it is better not to breastfeed - Nope! Sebaliknya, when a baby or mommy is sick, breastfeeding is more important than ever. Let say mommy tu demam, she needs to take medication, don't worry that the drugs will harm the baby because most drugs come out into the milk in such tiny quantities that it is extremely unlikely to be clinically significant for the baby.

11. Baby perlu diberi air masak sebab dia dahaga, tak boleh laa asyik bagi minum susu saja - yang ni pun satu hal jugak, dah kalau dicampur2 benda lain, tak nama exclusive breastfeed dah laa. Jangan terkejut kalau jumpa parents yang anak umur sehari dah suap bubur dll, lapar katanya, sorry to say, BODOH!!! Allah ciptakan baby bila lahir jer dia mampu hidup minum sikit2 je susu ibunya (sebab breasts biasanya perlukan few days before produce milk).

Honestly, I dulu pun ada jug

Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : carrots are a remarkable food

Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : carrots are a remarkable food

juice? Not many, I am sure. Otherwise there isn't much to choose between these juices from a vitamin standpoint.

Interdependence of the Vitamins an Each Other There is overwhelming evidence that there is an interdependence of the vitamins upon each other and that the giving of massive doses of a single isolated vitamin in pure or concentrated form may cause an endocrine imbalance. Dr. Sherman doubts how well the vitamin may be utilized when taken as such a concentrate, or under conditions differing from ordinary digestion. Dr. D. T. Quigley, of the University of Nebraska, points out that: "A certain amount of vitamin B has come to be associated in the organism with a certain amount of vitamin A. A certain amount of vitamin C undoubtedly functions best in the presence of other vitamins. Like the products of the glands of internal secretion, there is an inter-relationship of action among vitamins." And so we find another important reason for depending on carrot juice with its abundant vitamins in natural proportions to each other.


Carrots are truly a remarkable food. They contain the vitamins, the important minerals, carbohydrates in easily available form, and some protein. They contain no deleterious substances and are entirely wholesome. They supply in abundance the two specific food constituents in which - according to Sherman, McCollum, Rose, Sure, et al - the American dietary is most deficient in calcium and vitamin A. Carrot juice should be used everywhere to bolster or fortify the regular diet.

Hauser and Berg, in their Dictionary of Foods," say: "Carrot juice constitutes a powerful cleansing and acid-neutralizing food. Carrots contain an insulin like ingredient and a hormone-like ferment called toko-kinin. This is probably why diabetics digest the sugar in carrots more easily than any other kind of sugar."

The medicinal properties of carrots have long been known to horse breeders and livestock growers. Racing horses are given carrots to keep them in fine fettle, young cattle are fed carrots to prepare them for market, wise poultry farmers see that carrot mash is placed regularly in the chicken runs. Ill-conditioned animals of all kinds are fed carrots to restore them to proper condition. Perhaps the fact that they have been used so extensively as a food for livestock has prejudiced the public somewhat against carrots for human consumption but a proper knowledge of their true nutritional value should dissipate any such feeling.

One authority says that carrots are concentrated sun's rays and that they contain the substance that furnishes the impulse for life's processes. Dr. Crile says that such captured sunshine, shining again within living cells, accounts for the life energy of men and animals. Plants store up this sunshine and it is released in the body when we eat them as food.
Let us summarize the properties of carrot juice and see why it deserves such high rank among health foods as we have chosen to give it. We will find that it has important qualities, some of which it shares with other vegetables and foods; some of which are distinctly its own: It is very high in alkaline minerals. It is a remarkable source of vitamins. It is easily digested and can be consumed in quantities large enough for rapid body revitalization. It is extremely palatable when properly prepared and served. It facilitates the digestion of certain important auxiliary foods.

In addition to these well-established qualities of carrot juice, it has also been established through biochemical research that:

The alkalies in carrots, particularly the calcium, are more easily appropriated than those in other vegetables. - Blatherwick and Long.

Carrots contain no deleterious substances such as are frequently found in other foods. - Marshall.

Carrots possess certain antiseptic properties which tend to limit putrefactive changes within the body. - Metchnikoff, Kellogg, Berg and others.

Carrots grown in goiter-free sections are rich in iodine. - Sherman.

Carrots supply considerable mucin, a substance that serves as a salve and lubricant for the mucous nembranes. - Hauser.


The value of carrot juice for children can hardly be over-estimated. It supplies the vitamin A so necessary for growth and vitality and is, withal, almost as excellent a source of calcium as milk. Benjamin Gaye-lord Hauser recommends the use of carrot juice with milk - half and half - for all children, beginning with babies six months or more of age. You may expect a child to exhibit considerably higher health than usual if the milk is reinforced with a quantity of carrot juice. The youngsters love this combination, many small children turning up their noses at straight milk after having a sample of the mixture.

It requires no great knowledge of food chemistry to understand the excellence of milk and carrot juice together as a food for small children, for it is appetizing, eas

milk quantity for babies

milk quantity for babies

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