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Friendly Photo Editing Software - Digital Photo Frame With Alarm Clock - Wedding Photo Printing.

Friendly Photo Editing Software

friendly photo editing software

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Blythe Physical Challenge Number 8: Blythe in Space!

Blythe Physical Challenge Number 8:  Blythe in Space!

Take your Blythe outside and show people that she's outta this world! Please keep it family friendly, so no "full moons" but an outer space theme would be nice.
Challenge ends Friday, August 13th at 12 midnight PST.

Henceforth, all group rules will be strictly enforced:
1. No recycled photos.
2. All photos must be taken within the time frame of the challenge.
3. One photo per challenge.
4. Must be in keeping with the theme.
5. Photos must be submitted before the challenge deadline or they will not be added to the pool.
6. No nudes. Well, maybe if they're artistic.
7. No use of photo editing software to meet challenge requirements. Enhancement is fine. Overlay, etc. not so much.
8. Participation in challenges are mandatory for maintaining your group membership. If you have not participated within two challenges after joining the group, you will be shown the door. If you miss two consecutive challenges, you will be dropped.
You could always ask to re-join though, but if you do not participate, we will assume you're not interested
* Although not a rule, we strongly encourage participants to shake their fists at their personal comfort zones/boundaries and get out into the wide world for each challenge. Get off the porch!



I cranked out this digital creation by using Flickr's built-in photo editing software, Picnik. The software is pretty user friendly and sufficiently functional. It runs faster than I would've expected for an online editor, and I like it even more than Picasa's editor. However, it's no replacement for the software I currently use. Minus the blue happy face, I like this photograph more than original.

friendly photo editing software

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