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We finally managed to coordinate a day where Matt could show me around Battersea Power Station. Lovely Libby (superhoop) lent me her wide-angle and I set off channeling my inner Ly.

It wasn't a perfect morning for it as Red Bull were busy setting up for the weekend (4 months set up for a one-day event, which might not amount to much if it rains and it's too dangerous for the bikes do their stuff) so we couldn't get round the front between the station and the river. Plus it was very grey and overcast - right up until I was leaving grrrrrr.

Nontheless it was properly awesome. Matt has the tour guide thing down now regaled me with facts and info. Unfortunately facts just don't stick in my head so all I can remember is that it was built in two parts it's almost two different buildings fused together; that you can fit St Paul's into the central space; and that it only closed for business in 1981 (don't quote me on this one, it was definitely eighty-something-low).

Then there's the fact that the massive metal girders inside are there holding the structure in place since it's heart was ripped out by previous owners, they're slowly rusting and pushing the the walls slowly away from each other.

Inside it's fragile and crumbling. Cross your fingers that Treasury, Wandsworth and the Mayor's office can get some planning sorted that's satisfactory to all parties. It would be criminal to lose this brutal beauty.

The marble-lined control room blew me away. Absolutely jaw dropping. Knobs and dials to die for. It would make a spectacular bar or restaurant.

I've been on a steep learning curve with the wide. Unfortunately I've learnt most when reviewing and editing the photos. I wish I'd paid more attention to depth of field (it seemed so forgiving when I was reviewing on camera) and lots of the internal shots looked better when cropped close.

Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish

I'm looking through my old photos, trying to re-vamp my site (or finish re-vamping it, haha), and I keep finding shots I know I'll have to edit or re-edit soon :)
This is one of them. Dunno why I never got around to uploading it.

This was from my sister's last birthday dinner. My family went out with my sister's ex Japanese teacher, who worked at this lovely sushi place. It was awesome! So stoked I had my camera!

I am finding TONS of family photos, mostly from this birthday, that I really need to edit. Oh man I can't wait to win the lottery. I have so much work and hate having to get MORE work in to pay the bills, before I can actually do anything...which has clearly already taken over a year :( I have more than half of those Florida photos to edit still, and I'm already going back....forget it. The world may never see the next photos!

awesome photo editing sites

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