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Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas : Make Up For Brown Eyes And Brown Hair : Girl Make Up Tips.

Awesome Eye Makeup Ideas

awesome eye makeup ideas

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Day 7

Day 7

Location: The backyard.
Time: 5:54 pm
Summary: Today was pretty awesome. I'm uploading this photo now, at 10:29 pm. But I took it much earlier. I had a long debate with the people of mission:24 per their request... and ended up just telling them to enjoy their lives. My 'stick' photo was not sexual, and it sucks they think so but hey- I got the idea and will have that photo from now on so I am happy. I picked Ben up at work at 6:30 and went to my dads, had some drinks, and headed home. Now, the premise of this shot is kind of weird. I only did one eye's makeup [on purpose] for this photo. I wanted to show the difference in what my eyes look like. All the straight-on shots look sucky so here we go! I also don't have my eyebrow rings in, cause I went to talk to someone about a job yesterday. I'm really thinking about taking them out.

On an unrelated note... I really, really, really love steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Sad Doll Day 66

Sad Doll      Day 66

2nd addition to my new doll series!
Even though I had a fairly good day, my eyes were all glossy and it gave me the idea :o)
I had a good time with the photoshoot today, it was fun! The pictures were awesome on the Lcd screen, so when I get the cd of the whole shoot I will most definitely share with you guys : )

I am SUPER DUPER-UPER excited to be behind the camera for at least 3 upcoming shoots with models <3333
I have some really great ideas planned and hopefully it will add some great portraits to my portfolio and I can start doing photoshoots part-time. I truly love being BEHIND the camera... definitely realized that today. But I still had a blast !

awesome eye makeup ideas

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