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Best Makeup Websites

best makeup websites

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04 Grand pier closeup

04 Grand pier closeup

A slightly less smiley photo, although I am smiling. But these where I am not looking at the camera often look quite effective and make great photo's when I have something to say.

Oh no I hear you cry, she's on a rant again!!!

Well no actually!, and it's nothing bad but just another turning point. As I said in the last photo, this week has seen me feel a little low. I even dressed up Wednesday with a new dress and did the full glam makeup and it did help but the memories of the weekend were still with me and it didn't pick me completely out of the gloom.

I have number crunched all this through my brain and every time come to the conclusion that it's having to go back to being male and in particular having to go back to my job Monday mornings. A horribly masculine environment at the best of times and I am slowly starting to come to the decision that it's not the right place for me. However the economy is still poor in the UK so it may be a while yet before I can move on. I think I will wait until our housing issue is sorted and then seriously start to look for a new job that can look to accomodate Lucy in the future.

I also went to see our GP yesterday. My main intention was to log my gender dysphoria. An interesting meeting and very, very positive. I will detail it more fully on my website in my update on Sunday but I am very happy about the outcome.

001 Saturday1 services

001 Saturday1 services

So this was the start of the fortnight. This was outside a motorway services and we had just picked up this fantastic magazine. When we had a holiday up here a few years ago, we had a copy of this magazine and it was indispensible for information about everywhere in Cumbria.

From the 200+ photo's on my website, I have picked the best 50 and will upload them one or two at a time. Our out and about activities are curtailed for some time due to time and finances so these will serve to keep me going for a while. Every picture has a story behind it and it's quite good to see them again myself.

Yesterday was a funny day. We had news of more neighbours arriving in a week so we decided that it was finally time to tell the landlord and landlady about Lucy. They admitted to not really understanding it but we feel they were ok about it. This now means the days of changing in laybys and services are over for the moment!

And finally, I will do a little commenting tonight but I still have several messages awating replies, I will get to you girls soon, I promise!

best makeup websites

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