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Quasar Microwaves - 950 Watts Microwave - Nordic Microwave Popcorn Popper

Quasar Microwaves

quasar microwaves

The FERMI gamma-ray sky map - in COLOR

The FERMI gamma-ray sky map - in COLOR

The FERMI Space Telescope observes the whole sky in every 6 hours. With its instrument called LAT, it sees the sky in its most energetic appearence: gamma-rays. LAT detects photons at an energy of 20 MeV to over 300 GeV. Gamma-ray are producers in: pulsars, active galactic nuclei, globular clusters, cosmic-ray electrons, gamma-ray bursts, binary stars and supernova remnants. The used data for the maps have been provided by Douglas Finkbeiner and Gregory Dobler. The team studied the diffuse glow of the sky at high energies (arXiv:0910.4583 and arXiv:1005.5480v1), as well as they concluded the existence of a hourglass-shaped, bipolar bubble, extending from the galaxy's center. My aim was to create an whole sky, 360° * 180° map of the sky in the pseudocolors of gamma-ray emission. This RGB visual consists of 12 individual pictures of different photon energies. Lowest energies (300 MeV) are in red, highest energies (300 GeV) are encoded in blue. Green areas represent photons at the edge of softer energies, towards the hard and randomly scattered "blue" radiation. The luminosity correlates with the intensity of the particular photon energy range.
Please notice the mostly greenish, bipolar structure, extending from the center of the disc. At mid-energies (from 1 GeV to 30 GeV), the gamma-ray emission lines up with two large bubbles, which seem to originate at the galactic center. A correlation with other wavelenghts, such as ROSAT x-ray and WMAP microwave, is persistent. The origin is still unknown, but two possibilities have been postulated. (1) Matter injection onto the central suppermassive black hole (SMBH). This process goes in tandem with the developement of magnetic jets, which would have had "blowed" the bubbles. (2) Strong nuclear starburst in the past 10 million years.

Jodrell Bank.Waiting for the reply.5 images

Jodrell Bank.Waiting for the reply.5 images

took this through the car window as we were driving along.
The story of Jodrell Bank begins in 1945 when Bernard Lovell came to the University of Manchester to observe cosmic rays. A quiet observing site was required and the University's botanical station at a little known place called Jodrell Bank, 20 miles south of Manchester, was the ideal location. Today, Jodrell Bank is a leading radio astronomy facility.

•1945-1950 Early History - The first radar observations of meteors and the construction of the 218ft transit telescope.
•1951-1957 The MKI Telescope - How the giant 250ft radiotelescope was conceived and constructed.
•1957-1960s Using the Mk I - How the MKI telescope helped track down the quasars.
•1957-1960s Space Tracking - An article by Sven Grahn describing Jodrell Bank's role in early space tracking activities (reproduced with permission).
•1964 The MKII Telescope. - A second large radio telescope was completed in 1964.
•1970 The MKIA Upgrade. - In 1970, a major reconstruction was made to the MKI telescope.
•1976 MTRLI - By linking together telescopes with microwave links, a giant 134km array was built.
•1990s MERLIN - MTRLI was extended with the addition of a new 32m telescope at Cambridge to become the MERLIN array.
•2000 The Lovell Telescope Upgrade - In 2001 and 2002 the Lovell Telescope was given a new surface and drive system to greatly extend its capabilities.
•2008 eMERLIN - MERLIN is updated with optical fibres to increase its sensitivity.

quasar microwaves

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