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Clean Kitchen Cabinets

clean kitchen cabinets

    kitchen cabinets
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Clean Pantry/Cabinet!!

Clean Pantry/Cabinet!!

Woot! Motivated by a canned good drive at Mark's work, I finally cleaned out the main cupboard area. We have three bags of non perishables to donate!

This would look a lot more bare if Thanksgiving weren't a few days away (especially all that stock). We really need to stock our pantry. On the plus side, I found four cans of tomato sauce I didn't know I had, totaling five!

Kitchen Cabinets - before

Kitchen Cabinets - before

How they looked when we moved in - flat plywood fronts, a very clean look for the time but a little date now. Instead of knobs or handles there were "touch latches" - push to click open, push to latch closed. We grew to hate them rather quickly. Some of them did still work, not many.

clean kitchen cabinets

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