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The Calorie King Food Exercise Journal

the calorie king food exercise journal

  • practice: carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"

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the calorie king food exercise journal - Pocket Food

Pocket Food & Exercise Diary by Calorie King

Pocket Food & Exercise Diary by Calorie King

Pocket Food & Exercise Diary by Calorie King
Prevent calorie amnesia and control your weight. This pocket-size, 10-week diary helps you track exactly what you eat and drink and how much activity you do. The perfect companion to The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter book. A must for serious dieters!
Keeping a food diary greatly improves weight loss success and maintenance for most overweight people. In fact, "self-monitoring" by using a diary is the most powerful predictor of long-term success for weight control.
University studies show that people who use a food diary not only lose up to twice as much weight as those who do not keep a diary; they also keep the weight off more readily when they continue to record.
The Pocket Food and Exercise Diary features:
10-weeks, one day per page
Weekly summary page
Space to record calories, fat, & exercise calories
Optional column for protein or carbohydrate
10-week summary chart plus progress graph
Mini calorie, fat & carb counter included
Helps prevent "calorie amnesia". It's easy to overlook foods and drinks that you consume during the day, and this can contribute to weight gain.
Quick and easy-to-use. Balance the amount of calories you eat with the calories you burn through activity with our simple system. You can also record fat grams, protein and carbohydrate.

87% (6)

My elaborate journal collection

My elaborate journal collection

I have over 15 (completed) journals from high school through college. These are a few of my favorite covers.

Most of them chronicle an 8-year relationship I had with my first love. At one point in my life, these were the most important thing I owned. I wrote about every emotion (sadness, anger, happiness, bliss), every moment, often by candle light in the wee hours of the night.

I used to tell my closest friends, if anything ever happened to me, please make sure the boy gets these. It's funny to me that I haven't thought about their destiny in the past 10 years and if anyone would ever want to read them besides me.

Looking back at what I've written is always a magical and enlightening experience. Emotions were so raw and intense. They're more distant now. I'm not sure if it's age, wisdom, apathy or all of the above.

My how far I've come.

Soundtrack: Sarah McLachlan's Possession

home made journals

home made journals

The two ratty looking journals on the right are made by me. Handbound into fake leather covers with dental floss. Very amateur but it works. Both are stacked next to the Moleskines and Ciak books for comparison. The top book is made with Astroparche Natural color parchment with a vellum finish. The bottom one is made with Astrobrights Black color text paper with a smooth finish. Both are 320 pages with five signatures.

Now you may ask why did I make a journal with black paper? That's just silly. Well it is, but I'm using that as an Inspirational quotes book. I'm using white gel pens in it. Too bad I don't know of any company that makes white ink for fountain pens. I'll have some interior pics later.

the calorie king food exercise journal

the calorie king food exercise journal

Outwit Your Weight Journal: Lose Weight and Keep It Off with this Personalized Weight-Loss Diary

The ultimate weight-loss tool is not a barbell. It's not a food scale. It's a pen!

Countless studies have proven that using a food journal is the most effective method of shedding pounds-- and keeping them off. Weight-loss expert Cathy Nonas, R.D., has created a revolutionary tool that's actually six journals in one, each designed to help you reach your goal quickly and easily. Discover your unique diet personality and learn which journal is right for you. Choose from:

* The Calorie-Counting Journal
* The Food-Mood Journal
* The Portion-Control Journal
* The Overeating Journal
* The Social-Butterfly Journal
* The Fullness Journal

Pick one, mix and match, or try them all!

Sprinkled throughout the book, you'll also find:

* More than 50 clever and practical weight-loss tips, tools, and techniques
* Clear advice on how to set and meet your weight-loss goals
* Calorie burn information for 250 exercises and common activities
* Fat, fiber, and calorie values for more than 500 of your favorite foods

Use this journal to make the most of the book Outwit Your Weight or any other diet system--or even use it all on its own. This simple, customizable program will motivate and enable you to reach your ultimate goal--a happier, healthier, fitter you!

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