Steel wheel spacers - 14 wheel covers - Center caps for wheels.

Steel Wheel Spacers

steel wheel spacers

    wheel spacers
  • (wheel spacer) spacer having circular section, perpendicular to the bar to which it is attached, used for maintaining cover in vertical members to the reinforcement nearest the surface of the concrete.

  • cover, plate, or edge with steel

  • Mentally prepare (oneself) to do or face something difficult

  • an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range

  • get ready for something difficult or unpleasant

steel wheel spacers - Spacer Male

Spacer Male Symol Stainless Steel Mens Hoop Earrings Fathers Day Jewelry

Spacer Male Symol Stainless Steel Mens Hoop Earrings Fathers Day Jewelry

Dazzle your friends with this pair of Stainless steel spacer male symol pattern Earrings, crafted with a keen eye to fine detail and design. Nothing says class like a great pair of earrings, and no one makes great earrings like Pugster (TM) Inc. The earrings are fashionable, this eye-catching set is good for almost any occasion, will put you on fashion's cutting edge. Crafted and authenticated by Pugster (TM) Inc.,these Stainless steel spacer male symol pattern Earrings are available for both retail and purchase.

80% (10)

IMG 8539

IMG 8539

To do:

*Install chain
*Bolt brakes on
*Buy and install a seat Used my old one
*Run cables everywhere

Things that may be needed:

*New brake levers; the current ones I have (Shimano BL-M700) are ancient. While lovely, they don't have adjustable throw or a return spring. I'm looking at a set of newer Shimano BL-M732's. Still nice, big, 4-finger models, (Last Shimano made, actually), but with a return spring and reach adjust. Got some Avid Speed Dial Ti's.
*Re-arrange the cassette; the chainline is a little suspect to the low gears, so I may remove a gear and just install some spacers on the wheel-side. Done. I ended up changing up the cassette tonight anyway; went from a 24-21-18-16-14-12 to a 24-21-18-15-12. The chainline from the small chainring to the small cog looks much more acceptable now. Later, I switched back over to 6-speed spacing from the 8-speed spacers I had between the cogs previously

Whoo 10-speeds, boo 12-speeds.

Also, I really have to say that I'm loving the orange and black thing it's got going on.

B.M.W R1200GS Adventure

B.M.W R1200GS Adventure

The standard B.M.W Plastic/Carbon guard can be used just need a short piece of 15mm O.D by 25mm long stainless steel bar and drill a 5mm hole through it
i tried a 10mm 20mm and 35mm spacer to see what looked best but thought the 25mm long one looked neater

steel wheel spacers

steel wheel spacers

HR 3065640 TRAK Wheel Spacers

(15mm, 5x114.3mm/64.1mm Center Bore, DRS Type) Built for the (97-02) Honda Prelude... If you've ever seen a sleek, European sedan with that oh-so-low street stance and a bulging wheel/tire combo that just barely tucked under the wheel wells, chances are that car was fitted with H+R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers.TRAK+ Wheel Spacers move the wheel out from the hub, effectively widening the stance of the vehicle and lowering its roll center. This simple modification increases lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling, greater safety and of course, the sleek style you've been looking for.TRAK+ Wheel Spacers are made from an aluminum/magnesium alloy which is not only incredibly strong, but also very light weight (up to 70% lighter than a comparable steel product). TRAK+ Wheel Spacers are then hard anodized to ensure a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching, and oxidation. Most importantly H+R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers are hub-centric enabling a perfect fit every time. TRAK+ WHeel Spacers are 100% made in Germany under IS9001 Quality Assurance standards, and meet the rigid safety criteri of the German TUV.Whether you want improved handling, increased safety or simply want your car to make a statement above your individual style, TRAK+ Wheel Spacers can help you accomplish your goal. Wider is Better. DETAILS:DR Series - 10-40mm track widening. This spacer is fitted between the wheel and hub, using longer wheel bolts (ordered separately). Please check type of bolt head (taper or round and diameter) and shaft length before ordering.DRS Series - 10-40mm track widening. This spacer is fitted between the wheel and hub, exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones. The wheels are fitted to the hub/spacer with the existing wheel nuts.DRA Series - 40-60mm track widening. This spacer is fitted to the hub with special wheel bolts and has new threaded holes for existing wheel bolts.DRM Series - 40-90mm track widening. This spacer is fitted

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