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Trailer concrete pump. Water pressure pump vendor. Bts body pump.

Trailer Concrete Pump

trailer concrete pump

    concrete pump
  • (Concrete pumps) This is now a best practice for the poring of footings and slabs. A quicker pour minimises future cracking of the slab. It is often mandatory, for example,  in difficult sites where boggy sand doesn’t allow the cement mixer to get close to the construction site.

  • A concrete pump is a tool used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. There are two types of concrete pumps.

  • Vehicle on site used for pumping concrete into forms.

  • The rear section of a tractor-trailer

  • An open cart

  • a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor

  • An unpowered vehicle towed by another, in particular

  • dawdler: someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind

  • preview: an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future

SX10-IMG 3908

SX10-IMG 3908

Antares Point, AZ—AUG 12, 2011
• Route 66 •
Can't find Antares Point on the map? Neither can I but that is the location given by one of the several failed businesses at this location. What used to be the Kozy Corner Trailer Park is located at the corner of Route 66 and Antares Road, 22 miles northeast of Kingman on the way to Peach Springs. I found several pictures on the net that were taken in 1973. There was a large sign on the roof advertising 'Lake Mead Rancheros', the building itself housed a cafe, bar, and a Shell gas station. The pole sign said 'Ranchero Motel'; there was another sign for a land office hawking 40 acre ranchos, excellent terms. Two small dome buildings were nearby, they are gone now. 'Lake Mead Rancheros' itself was behind this building (some reports say 6 miles) in the trackless desert, a developer's dream, a buyer's nightmare. There were no roads nor utilities, just desert. More recently the roof of the A-frame was covered with thatch of the type seen in South Pacific islands and the Tiki head appeared. It all seems to be abandoned now.

2˝ of the sides of the first forms up

2˝ of the sides of the first forms up

Still waiting to hear if the concrete people can make it down the driveway with a full truck. If they can, we'll do two pours, one for the footers and one for the pad. If they cant, we'll have to hire a pump trailer to run the concrete down the 268 feet from the road above. This would also mean that we'll have to do a monolithic pour which is the less preferred way for us. Less forms to build, but big pain since we need to put down 2" of extruded polystyrene and 2 more inches of gravel down under the pad but not the footers.

trailer concrete pump

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