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Radiator leak repair : 360 dvd drive repair.

Radiator Leak Repair

radiator leak repair

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Finding the leak

Finding the leak

If a cheap car only covered by liability insurance gets damaged, your only hope is to fix it yourself, lest you end up spending the car's value over again getting an auto shop to repair it.

Thanks to my coworkers, I learned that radiators are designed with freeze plugs. In case it ever gets so cold that the coolant freezes and expands, there's a pressure relief plug of weakened metal at the bottom. Ice floats to the top, so when the expanding ice creates enough pressure the metal circle bursts and out flows the coolant, protecting the rest of the radiator from damage. The impact of the stack of wood created enough pressure to blow this plug. It failed exactly where it should have.

Since the structural damage wasn't too severe, we left it alone and chose to plug the radiator with epoxy. No more freeze plug safety, but hopefully that won't be an issue living in Florida.

Radiator Repair 2

Radiator Repair 2

During a trail ride at the Kansas Rocks Off Road Park, my motor mounts flexed enough for the fan clutch to come in contact with the radiator. Needless to say, a leak was sprung & the wheelin was done.

radiator leak repair

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