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Watch episodes of full house - Watch movie on computer.

Watch Episodes Of Full House

watch episodes of full house

    full house
  • A poker hand with three of a kind and a pair, beating a flush and losing to four of a kind

  • A winning card at bingo in which all the numbers have been successfully marked off

  • An audience, or a group of people attending a meeting, that fills the venue for the event to capacity

  • a poker hand with 3 of a kind and a pair

  • Full House is a Philippine drama adapted from a Korean drama with the Full House; directed by Mark A. Reyes and developed by Denoy Navarro-Punio.

  • Full House is an American television sitcom that originally ran in primetime from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995, on ABC. The series ran as part of ABC's TGIF Friday comedy lineup for its first five seasons before moving to Tuesday nights, where it aired for the remainder of its run.

  • (episode) a brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series

  • A finite period in which someone is affected by a specified illness

  • (episode) a part of a broadcast serial

  • An event or a group of events occurring as part of a larger sequence; an incident or period considered in isolation

  • Each of the separate installments into which a serialized story or radio or television program is divided

  • (episode) a happening that is distinctive in a series of related events

  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time

  • Keep under careful or protective observation

  • a small portable timepiece

  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

  • Secretly follow or spy on

  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"



As I sat at my desk, trying desperately to convince my wayward mind that I in fact really did want to be doing my assignment, my eyes came to rest on a picture of an iMac that hung from my cork board reminding me of the sweet days that would soon be upon me, and any chances of concentrating on something that was not an iMac, were dashed.

My visions of 24” screens, Quad Core 3.2GHz Intel Xeon Processors and sleek packaging that draws me close to weeping with anticipation, were blinded by a startling solution. Not only could I get out of my hot box of a room, and the guilt that follows me around the house whispering softly in my ear every time I sit down to watch an episode of the Amazing Race, but I could also be doing something directly related to my education thus silencing my guilt completely. I jumped onto the Internet with a speed that normally accompanies the arrival of a new DVD in the mail, and found that there was a free Art Show in Fremantle, on which I could base my shortly due Critical Analysis on. I felt a sense of accomplishment usually reserved for after I finish cleaning the house, and proceeded to rifle through my closet trying to find an outfit most closely resembling that of a young, funky yet slightly nerdy art critic.

Putting aside my disappointment at finding a closet full of jeans and t-shirts, I headed towards Fremantle with a smile on my face and Traveling Wilbury’s in my ears.

As my first 30 minutes at the Art Centre passed with only displays of old Merry-go-Round horses and examples of the cells in the old insane asylum in sight, I began to wonder if I had in fact come to the wrong place. The plethora of old people wandering the grounds seemed to confirm my concerns as I expected to be girt by appropriately dressed, young, arty, Fremantlians. Although I was pleased to be the best looking person there, the lack of an art show ate at me like a flesh eating bug. I wandered the grounds trying wretchedly to look like I belonged and wasn’t in fact lost and finally stumbled upon the exhibit I was looking for, that was tucked away right at the back, unsigned and so vague in it’s actual location that I thought they must have done it on purpose to make it more creative. Or to drive off the stupid people, as their displays were so mind blowingly interesting that it was only safe for intelligent people to view. As I found the majority neither mind-blowing or particularly that interesting, my thoughts were filled with worry that I wasn’t as smart as I professed to be, as I sauntered back to the car, finding the outside surrounds far more engaging than the exhibit itself.

My thoughts swiftly turned to food, as I realised how hungry I was. As my blood sugar dropped, my thoughts turned more often to orange juice, jellybeans and hash browns and before I knew it, I was indicating and pulling into my old favourite hangout, the local organic store. Now when one is working full time and earning a decent wage they can be forgiven for indulging in expensive organic produce, but the knowledge that I am now a poor student loomed over me as I tentatively entered the store, wondering if I would set off the ‘poor people’ alarm. The silence and lack of security guards tackling me to the ground shouting, “Can you afford to be here Miss!!” set me at ease and a comforting fondness palliated my tense demeanor. After completing my initial circuit of the store I reviewed my purchases and calculated roughly that to pay for what I had stashed in my basket, I would have to somehow get pregnant, give birth and sell my child on the black market, all in the next 5 minutes, before the old Nonna in front of me finished unloading her San Pellegrino and Pasta Lensi. I again used my superior math’s skills to calculate the odds of accomplishing that feat and my answer caused me to return all but three essential items in my basket. I progressed through the checkout with my drastically desolate purchases and was surprised that I found myself cringing at the exorbitant total as I was quite aware when I entered that I would be using up a weeks worth of icy pole money.

I traveled home, munching on my bio-organic licorice rope and sipping my organic fat-free choc milk, whilst Rod Stewarts voice skipped from the back to the front speakers every time I went over a bump in the road. I opened the window and with my mouth full of licorice, eed to the world “Bring over some of your old Motown records”

day 62

day 62

Full moon with the results that one can see, hear and feel. First I pissed off my dearest gg but it's too embarrassing to talk about it here. Then, when it was about time to get some sleep I started bombing him with messages, soon realizing that my flatmate was suffering from insomnia as well. She even had started working again. At 1 AM. Quickly we formed a full moon emergency group in my room, howled and watched an episode of "Master and Margarita". At around 2:30 AM Maret gave it another try and went to bed. I couldn't resist the temptation and started the 1st episode of "Heros" season II. No sleep after I finished that one. Obviously. So, I continued with episode 2 after what I turned off the computer and waited for some sleep to come. It was 4:15. The sleep comes.

It's insane but at 4:45 my phone is ringing. I look for the phone and see who's calling. A friend who's never done "drink and dial" trick before. I put it on mute and decide to ignore it. I'm closing my eyes. Well, after watching Master and Margarita and all this Heroes stuff one can't really expect to have normal fantasies about reasons why one might call during that time. Instantly I feel something might be very bad with the friend. I open my eyes and look for the phone. He's still calling.
me: yes?
friend: hey... what's up?
me: (wtf?) - i?m SLEEPING. what's up, are you calling me to ask whether I am observing the moon eclipse?
friend: actually... I wanted to ask whether you have some bandage or something. I'm bleeding.
me: what? from where? how? why?!
he sounds extra cool saying it.
friend: well, we did a joke or something with friends and now i think i cut my veins.
i'm getting irritated because he sounds really calm.
me: what do you mean, you think you cut your veins. from where??
friend: my hand
me: where exactly?
friend: my finger.
fuck. what a wanker.
me: there are no veins in fingers.
friend: well, it's an aorta then.
me: there are NO AORTAS in your fingers. wtf are you saying to me? are you really in trouble or is it a joke?
friend: it's not a joke. i'm downstairs.
me: well, i don't have any bandage anyway.
at this point I get really upset and hang up the phone. I switch off the light, close my eyes and instantly a huge wave of guilt comes again. The pictures of a friend, abandoned by all his friends and me, bleeding to death in front of my house avalanche my brain. I switch on the light once again and dial his number.
me: hey. so, why don't you go to the emergency?
friend: well.. i don't really want to.
me: where did the friends disappear?
friend: you know boys... they all went away...
me: how bad is the bleeding?
friend: i think the bleeding has stopped... kinda..
for god's sake.
me: are you drunk?
friend: yes.
me: ahhh..
I hang up.

Dr Luule Viilma has said: each person consists of 51% of goodness and 49 % of badness and this is the right balance. The more goodness you show outside, the less of it must be left inside, because it's the balance. The same with the bad side.

watch episodes of full house

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