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canon photo editor download



My creativity juices aren't flowing.
Grabbed a picture from October to edit.
My apologies.

I downloaded GIMP one or two weeks ago. I'm so used to the editor I've had for the past 3-4 years that GIMP is insanely complicated for me, which lead to a little bit of delay in figuring it out. So I'm just now getting around to looking for tutorials on the enternet.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted a better editor/photoshop was because my current one doesn't have the ability to add vignette's unless manually done with paintbrush, which can look *really* weird if not done well.
So I searched for a vignette tutorial and found a decent one, but apparently the person that made it was using a pattern on the edges instead of just a dark color to create a shadow or dark corner effect, so that was irritating. I kinda had to figure out the rest on my own.

This picture went through so much editing it's not even funny. I have a black and white version too. It took be about 20 minutes to decided which one to post on flickr.

Well I certainly need more practice with GIMP and vignette-making, but I guess this is alright for a start.

On a similar note:
I went to Fort Worth Camera today with my mom to look at studio lighting and lenses. Very cool stuff, but they sure are expensive!
Turns out the business is moving though, so they were running a generous sale on some of their products. My mom got me two photography books half-off. One book is for studio lighting techniques and the other is for family portraits. I looked at a portrait book(for singles/seniors or couples) but it was a bit more pricey.
Maybe later.

I was in the world's worst mood yesterday. It was a combination of being pissed off at still being at home, having not managed to find a job, trapped in the same house for dayson end, and a lack of sleep and weird sleeping patterns. Scissors cutting through my hand kinda summed it up. I didn't want to slice through my own hand, or through anyone elses, but given the tools I had, scissors through hand was the best way to sum up my mood- irritated and pissed off!!

I got packing in earnest today so I felt much better! :) Plus, I managed to download all my images after I deleted them a couple weeks ago (which really pissed me off!!)! Now all I gotta do is reorganise them.....

canon photo editor download

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