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How To Clean A Car Engine - Brick Cleaning Companies.

How To Clean A Car Engine

how to clean a car engine

    car engine
  • The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel (normally a fossil fuel) occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber.

    how to
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burping 0649

burping 0649

Coolant drain and flush – let the games begin!
I drained the coolant and saved it for recycling. It has been in the car for nine years – oh how time flies! Several years ago I did add a bottle of corrosion inhibitor to it as I knew this big job was coming…
Draining is easy on this car. I did pull the heater hose at the water pump to allow air in for easier draining.
Old stuff did not look too bad. Yellowish green, no big rust issue thank goodness. I refilled with water, ran it & drained it a couple times to remove as much coolant as possible, as the block drain plug was hard to get to and I knew this engine was not too nasty inside. When all was clear, I put 2 bottles of Prestone super flush in the radiator and filled it with water. I used a screwdriver lodged in the heater hose connection to ‘burp’ the air out as it ran.

I drove the car about 25 miles over the next week for a good cleaning.

Ford Sierra 2.0i EFi GLS (1987) engine bay

Ford Sierra 2.0i EFi GLS (1987) engine bay

A Nice and clean 'I4' sohc engine. This is in my '87 Sierra however this engine itself dates back to around 1970 first appearing in the MK3 Cortina. Its proper name is the EAO OHC T-series but is better known as the 'pinto'.

It was phased out in 1989.

how to clean a car engine

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